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Can overheating ram cause a pc to randomly shutdown?
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  1. of course it will.. get some cooling fans for your cpu..
  2. I have the coolermaster V8 cpu cooler running on max @ 90 CFM but when I turned off my pc my memory was really hot to the touch so thats why I am asking if Ram can cause a pc to shutdown randomly by overheating
  3. then there may be issue with ram or your mother board , is your RAM compatible with mother board..
  4. I have got the Kingston HyperX DDR2 1066Mhz @ 8GB on the board but im thinking its the ram overheating which is making my video fail then my pc shutdown so i put my ram cooler back on to see if anything changes
  5. everything runs at about 30-38c on my air cooling from the coolermaster HAF 932 case with all the stock fans
  6. Unless the RAM is malfunctioning or overclocked/overvolted it should be fine especially in that case. You can always get something like the coolers that come with Corsair Dominator. Have you run memtest ?
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