Which of the 2 CPU do you recommend


I am going to purchase the ASUS M4A785-M Motherboard and not too sure which of the 2 CPU to get

AMD Phenom X4 9850 Quad Core Processor
Link to specs-


AMD Athlon II X4 620 Quad Core Processor
link to specs-

I would think the Phenom would be better but someone told me that series of the Phenom was not good and better to go with the Athlon one.

I can get them both at pretty much the same price can you one give me a recommendation of which the 2 to go with I use my computer for gaming and movies

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  1. well the 9850 will overclock better and give better performance
  2. Niether

    go for one of these and pay the little extra

    the 955 Phenom is much better and overclocks to 965 speed..

    for the extra 20 dollars over the 9850 on tiger direct its much faster. 9850 is old tech and to be honest is no where near as quick as the 955.. the price on tiger has put the 9850 at 40 odd dollars extra

    btw the 9850 is cheaper on

    and so is the board

    save your money on the board and put it to the faster chip, but if there is a choice between the 9850 and the x4 620 the 9850 has a slight edge on performance.. if you were to go for a x4 630 its a little faster than the 9850 but a little more expensive.

    i selected a benchmark out of random

    hope this helps,Marque_fbrandx32,1403.html
  3. Best answer
    Forget the 9850, is a 65nm processor and 125W. The 620 is 45 nm and 95W processor and can OC 25% or 30%.
  4. I agree with saint19. It also seems that everybody missed the .ca in the OP. The OP is from Canada. You can't compare the prices to
  5. thanks everybody for your input I think I am going to stick to my original decision and go with the 620 as the recommendations are all out my price range and Yes shortstuff is right I am from Canada so the links above from new egg are all US prices which are alot lower then CDN dollar
  6. Good choise, the 620 is a really good processor and i heard good stuff about this.
  7. sorry jjwalker

    saw the dollar signs and assumed you were us.

    typical Brit that i am :(
  8. damn it they need to replace the CAD $ with a maple leaf or something
  9. no worries Hellboy thanks for the input though
  10. saaiello said:
    well the 9850 will overclock better and give better performance

    Negative, the 620 can achieve 3.9Ghz with little effort ;)

    To this date I have not seen a 9850 over 3.6Ghz... The 9850 is basically a weak Agena and the fact that it is old tech makes it even worse.

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