How do I connect 2 SSD and 1 TB hdd

I'm just about to buy 2 64gb crucial SSD how do I connect this together and a 1 TB hdd in my desktop do I put the 2 SSD in raid 0
I'm new to this
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  1. Assuming you are buying 2 64g drives in hopes of using it as one 120g drive you would run them in Raid 0. You would need a raid controller on your systemboard, and you could configure the raid set from the controllers bios. You would most likely need to get the pre-install drivers for your raid controller to load during the Windows setup so that you could install WIndows to the array. The 1tb drive would just be hooked up to an open sata port.
  2. Yes Raid the 2 ssds.
  3. Assuming your SSD is 2.5, you will need a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter in order to install physically on your case. You can get a simple solutuion for around 10 dollars. However, you may wanna check, they make very good solutuions, including an enclosure that automatically RAIDs the 2 drives (tehy fit two 2.5 drives into one 3.5 enclosure) You can set them to RAID 0, 1 or JBOD.
  4. Oh, but I would recomend RAID on the HDD, not the SSD, and dont forget a backup plan
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