Task manager see only 8 of my 16 cores

Hi !

I build a new system with 4 CPU Quad core... for a total of 16 core. In the system manager I see windows 7 detect all my 16 processor but when I got to Task manager I only see 8 square (one for each core). I installed PRO TOOLS yesterday wich is a program for audio and I can choose the amount of core I would like to assing to this application and I can only choose 1 to 8 ... so my computer is probably working only Half of his capacity. I checked in the BIOS but I did not found anything to fix this problem. I do have ONE GRAPH PER CPU checked in the task manager.

Any help ?!

Thank you very much and sorry my english is not perfect... I hope i'm clear enough... :)

My Config :
Tyan Thunder n4250QE (S4985)
4 X Opteron 8147 HE
24 gb of ram DDR2
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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  1. what version of windows 7? I believe there is a cap on how many processors it can detect if you don't have the ultimate version, and I think even ultimate is limited to 2 and when you are on 4 they want you to fork out cash for enterprise editions
  2. Oh I did not mentionned... I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bits and it's up to date... let me add this citation : " Windows 7. The new OS can support up to 256 cores, versus 64 in Vista " ... 16 is not supposed to be a problem... else they gonna have some problems in the next few years lol. but many thanks for you fast reply ! :)
  3. you will eithier have to run server 2008 edtion which is close to xp or i think xp pro 64bit works too windows 7 dosent matter what version only supports 2 sockets
    tells u how to make server 2008 into a workstation
  5. you sure about that ? the 256 core limitation make no sense if this it limited to 2 physical CPU ... and windows 7 do detect my 16 cores they are all listed in the system manager... they just don't appear in task manager and software I want to use.... :S
  6. it will run more cores but only supports two sockets i am positive about that
  7. Best answer
    so if u had two quad HyperThreaded processors then it would see 16 cores but only 2 socket limitation server 2008 is very close to windows 7
  8. Well... this is a pretty bad news for me since my audio drivers and software are not compatible with XP x64 or Server 2008 ... thank for your help saaiello ! If anyone got a solution let me know ...
  9. yea thats a pickle call the manufacturer they might have a solution for you
  10. I have read a litle bit about the subject since your last answer and I have found this : “The 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 support more than 64 Logical Processors (LP) on a single computer,” Phil Pennington, Windows Server Technical Evangelism, revealed. “New processors are now appearing that leverage non-uniform memory access (NUMA) architectures. Within the near future, a system with 4 CPU sockets, 8 processor-cores per socket, and with Simultaneious Multi-Threading (SMT) enabled per core, will achieve 64 Logical Processors. Many server-class solutions will need to be architected with NUMA awareness in order to achieve linear performance scaling on 64+ LP systems.”
  11. windows gimp their consumer windows 7 so that people have to fork out larger amoutn of cash and support fees for server 2008

    they support logical cores (multi core) up to 256, but 4 socket typically is not a workstation and is more of a server so they decided that was the limit for consumer windows (same with xp pro and vista ultimate i think)
  12. there is an xp pro 64 ed edition that supports 4 sockets but i dont even think u can get it anymore
  13. Have you tried maximizing the task manager window? At the default size there's not that much room to display even 8 cores, and it's possible that it just won't show any more unless the window is enlarged.

    It's also possible that task manager will never show more than 8 cores - has anyone with enough cores actually seen more?
  14. yeah I tried to maximize the windows and yes it's possible to see 16 core in the task manager ... there is images of it if you google " 16 cores task manager "

    but thanks... we never know :P
  15. Saaiello is right .... here is the proof ... thank you for you support all im just gonna send a beautifull e-mail to microshit and tell them that im not gonna buy any of their products again...

    You have to read the End User's License Agreement (EULA) for each product to get the correct answer. If you read the EULA for Win 7 Ultimate the answer is two (2) processors noted under:


    b. Licensed Computer.

    You may use the software on up to two processors on the licensed computer at one time. Unless otherwise provided in these license terms, you may not use the software on any other computer.

    You can download the individual EULA from
  16. yea microsoft isnt dumb they know how to milk people for money anyway they can
  17. I am not sure if this dilema has been solved or.... in any case I have an installation with a ProLiant DL380 G6 that has the following:

    2 x E5520 Xeon CPUs
    1 x Server 2008 R2

    It in fact shows 16 processors in device manager and shows 16 CPUs in task manager, so let's stop bad mouthing MS.
  18. Mercure said:
    I do have ONE GRAPH PER CPU checked in the task manager.

    Uncheck it to see what happens.
    Also check your BIOS to see whether you have enabled hyperthreading

    4 hyperthreaded quads with hyperthreading should give 4X4X2=32 CPU's in the taskmanager
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