Nvidia gts 250 controller malfunction

Hello , im using the Gygabite Nvidia GTS 250 1GB . the card was working smooth until a week back when i started having problems . My main CPU specs are Intel Core™2 Quad Q6600 CPU @ 3 GB SDRAM DDR2 .
The issue is some sort of card controller failure when playing games . The game does not crash but it freezes and i start listening to background windows alarm noises like if something was suddenly unplugged . In some ocasions i have a blackscreen and the windows notice that controler stoped working but was able to resume function . what could be doing this ?
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  1. where did you buy the card?

    Rma or return it to store where bought it is still under warranted my friend: your card is prolly overheating : if you have a spare card you could test it out to be sure...

    If you get an alarm : something is overheating could be processor also.

    Download speedfan or truetemp
  2. I downloaded Speefan and both CPU and Video Card are overheating . The problem is that they were ok a week ago . i had no problems at all with overheating hardware . Appart from buying extra cooling or replace the one i got at the moment , what else can i do do minimize extreme heat both in core and vcard ?
  3. dust in the heatsinks?
  4. What are the temps of the CPU and GPU? Open the side panel and leave it out to see if that helps with the cooling. If you're experienced with cleaning the CPU, applying new thermal paste and reseating the CPU, do that. You can also ramp up the GPU fan to 90% prior to your gaming and that should help to cool it down. Good luck.
  5. What are temps ?

    CPU should stay under 70 degrees (between 43-65 would be normal )
    GPU is between 50-75 degree (max 80-90 with workload)
  6. What driver are you using? Did you try to revert to an earlier driver?
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