SSD getting slower? what can i do

Hello everyone.

Ok so a few months back when i had gotten my SSd, long story short, i was advised etc, to go the way of AHCI .
also for the aadded benefit of what TRIM/garbage collection etc can do for an SSD.
now, whenever i put it on AHCI it would last for a WEE bit before system would BSOD or just plain freeze.

Also itd be fine for a while and just lock me out etc...

so again, long story short, i had to put it back. i had did some research and some BETA tool M$oft had to supposedly fix the problem did nothing for me.

now moving forward, overall i noticed that while in AHCI, that my PC would FLY!.....
while on reg ide mode, its still faster than a reg HDD but there is a notable difference in performance.

my ? is, since i cant do defrag etc on an SSD, then what else can i do to speed up my drive and get it running at optimal speed.

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  1. if you have AHCI on and switch it off with out reinstalling windows you can have major issues. one of which is blue screens. i would do a full format on your HD, i use linux to do it as it is able to zero out all data and reset trim settings/information. the second to most recent version of HDD erase will also work on most SSD's the newer one will not however. do this then reinstall windows and go from there. AHCI is a marginal impact on performance in my experience. download HD tune pro and run some real tests to bench where you are at with and without. i run 3 intel ssd's in raid-0. i have found that tweaking the sector size offset on the SSD's will allow for more performance as well.
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