Hp pavilion a1600n video card upgrade

Im looking to get a new power supply to accommodate a XFX ATI Radeon HD 4890 video card. The current power supply is a 300w.
The suggested card on the box states as a 500 Watt (or greater) with two 75w 6-pin PCI-e connectors.
I will be using this card only (no CrossFireX).

Any suggestions?

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  1. OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W is a good value at the moment. $65 with $20 rebate.
    It has a 6pin and 6+2pin PCI-e connector and modular cables.
  2. Corsair CMPSU-550VX 550W - $79.99 after rebate

    Damn, it's out of stock. They'll have more in a day or two if you don't mind waiting. But this is the primero numeral uno for single high end graphics cards right now.

    I will give a nod to the OCZ though. Will do just as well.
  3. A slightly less expensive OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W $65 with $25 rebate comes with a 6pin and 6+2pin PCI-e connector.
  4. Both of the OCZ's come with the 6/6+2 PCi-e connectors.

    But those prices...are OCZ trying to give them away?
  5. Thanks for the replys everyone. Will the little higher end power supple help in performance or will the little lower two be sufficient enough? Already have the ram and now the video card, just need to get the new power supply so i can leave system as is for now.

  6. Think id go for the a 550w or 600w (depending on price) just to have the little extra room
  7. A more powerful PSU will have no performance effect on your computer.

    It can have an unfortunate effect on your electric bill. PSU's work best when loaded to 70-80% of capacity. Higher and below that they lose efficiency. So a 700 watt PSU on your system would actually increase your power draw overall. Not by much by why do that when it's no needed?
  8. Agreed. So a 500watt will do or should i up to a 550watt. Of course, in the two listed they are both the same price, would probably go with the 550w in this case.
  9. daic said:
    Will the little higher end power supple help in performance or will the little lower two be sufficient enough?
    Anything listed so far are more than enough. They have that 'little extra room' there already.
    The major difference are the slightly higher quality and and 5yr warranty of the Corsair vs better price and 3yr warranty of the OCZs.
  10. Thanks WR2, in the two COZ, whats the major difference there, other then the watts?
  11. TheViper said:
    PSU's work best when loaded to 70-80% of capacity. Higher and below that they lose efficiency.
    Close to 50% is the sweet spot and the differences between max efficiency and lowest efficiency isnt that great, a few percent. And that might cost a couple bucks max for the average user.
  12. daic said:
    Thanks WR2, in the two COZ, whats the major difference there, other then the watts?
    The ModXStream has some detachable cables. The Fatal1ty has the red LED fan.
  13. Thanks yet again. Ill probably go with the OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W $65 with $25 rebate. Looks good on price and as long as it works with the card and last even a couple years, will be worth the cost.
  14. Have you measured the size of your current 300W PSU?
  15. Ah i see, looks like just to keep it simple or a red LED fan.
  16. I have not. the current PSU is an ATX-300-12z (basic PSU put into the Pavilion a1600n)
  17. Fatal1ty 550FTY is 5.9in x 3.4in x 6.3in (W x H x D)
  18. And Im sure your PSU has the fan on the back side, blowing out?
    Im checking to see if I can find a picture of the a1600n case.
  19. Yes, PSU fan blowing out the back
  20. yes when looking to see my current PSU in computer, could not find the spec. Fortunate sticker on side of PSU
  21. With the big top fan of the Fatal1ty 550FTY (and ModXstream & Corsair 550VX, etc) the PSU will need to go in the case upside down - which is not a problem.
    Have you checked the HP forums to see what others are using for PSU replacements?

  22. No i have not, not to familiar with them, have searched some but nothing found so far
  23. It looks like a lot of the 300-400W PSU are around 5.5" deep (length) compared to the 6.3" of the OCZ 550.

    It doesnt look like there will be a problem in your case but you want to make sure there is that extra inch of room between the cables of the PSU and your CD/DVD drive cables.
  24. Thanks for looking in on that WR2, I am also trying to get an answer from the HP Forum-Monitors and Videos page. Will see what they have to say about the OCZ 550.

    Again thanks for all the help, will post back with info from HP Forum post. For future reference.
  25. From just looking seems there would be enough room for it.
  26. I would have guessed it did but it never hurts to check.

    It's always good to get input from others that have already done what you're looking at doing.

    Link to your HP forum thread: Upgrading my Video Card & Power Supply (a1600n)
  27. I was reading some more and seems will work file, but like you said, never hurts to check.
    I understand that, nice to see all the input went to good use ;).

    P.S. thanks for adding the link :)
  28. Still no answer on the HP forum.
    I have a query, when i was searching for a new PSU, i had dropped the vid card in my PC. If the computer ran the card, does that mean the 300w current in the PC can handle the card for now? Or would to much strain just burn out the PSU?
  29. I was looking around and found http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-5870,2422-20.html, which shows the 4890 running with 330w power. Is it possible for my current PSU to hand it for about a month or less?
  30. I think you're safe to install and run the 4890 - as long as you don't do any 3D gaming.

  31. There is also the problem of cobbling together TWO 6pin PCI-e connectors for the video card. I dont think you'll get it running without 2 of the power connectors plugged in.
  32. Well, i finially got the OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W however the main power connector from the PSU to motherboard is a different size (Smaller then my original connector).

    Since this is the issue (unless im missing something) i should have verified the connector size from the PSU and motherboard in the case.

    Now i get to send it back to Newegg.com and wait another week for the refund and try again :)

    Again my computer is a HP Pavilion a1600n.

    Any Suggestions before sending back?


    At a closer look, i do see that there is a 20pin with a 4pin to make it a 24pin connector. Is it confirmed that a OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W will fit into a HP Pavilion a1600n?
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