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Since i installed crysis a mount or so, i noticed i very low draw distance. I have played it before and there wasnt such thing.
This happens and other gomes and all look similar. I have and example with Dragon Age http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/28/asdyz.gif/ It's not only for objects in the distance but also in a close one (like whe white ox on this GIF) See how his texture is changing when im a step closer.
Im with Windows 7, 8800gt (tried different drivers, but without success) E8400, albatron pxp35. I havent noticed such thing on XP. Is it possible to be a windows issue? I also clocked my card a little some time ago (from 600/1500/900 to 660/1700/940) it's stock now. Is it possible that i "bugged" something with the clock? Thanks
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  1. Draw distance, or the detail given to distant objects, when not controled by in game settings is generally covered by the AF settings the higher the AF setting the more work is done on these mid polygon pixels like the ox. I run an ATI card and dont know my way around the Nvidia set up but with ATI there is also Mip Map settings in the advanced Quality settings which also increases these internal texture details and helps with detail and definition of things that appear at distance.
    Check out your control pannel or what ever it is Nvidia call it and check out those settings. If i remember correctly Crysis has been known to drop the draw distance if set on auto settings as a way of keeping the FPS up.

  2. I changed the mipmap settings using rivatuner and there wasnt any difference. Increasing AF doesnt helped either. And its not only for crysis.(which was better when i first played it)
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