PSU problem.. No explanation for it

Hello there,

So I recently bought an OCZ 600w PSU, plugged everything and started up the pc, the MB LEDs started shaking, the CPU and GPU fans went crazy fast (so much faster than usual), and nothing appeared on the screen, I thought the rig is going to explode. I replaced the PSU with my old 1, started up to discover that 3 memory slots are 100% dead..

I returned the PSU and got another 1 and saw it with my own eyes working fine at the store, bought a new MB, a new VGA card.. plugged everything in, started up and... The MB LEDs were shaking, the CPU and GPU fans went crazy fast, so I unplugged the new PSU and tested the rig with my old PSU and thanks to God, no damages were done to the new MB or other components..

Things to note:-
1- Both OCZ PSUs (The 1 I 1st bought and the 1 that I replaced it with) are working fine with other PCs, just not mine.
2- I tried different power sockets to feed the PSU and all the same result.

Has any of you faced a problem like this? if yes then how did you fix it?
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  1. Check your power line, it may be unclean power and that may cause deaths if it's in your house, well it may be costly to fix....

    and if you don't know how or have the equip call in a electrotechnician before you zap ur self and bbq to a crisp
  2. I tired at my house and at a friend, the same thing happens and we are in different buildings and each has a separate power line.
  3. hmm weird, try asking ocz support, if not get a corsair HX or something
  4. So I guess there is no way around it?

    Okay thanks.
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