Water or air for AMD Athlon II X3 overclock

Wanted to know what would cool my AMD Athlon II X3 better at a low temp a small heatsink or closed water cooling system.

Water system

All three can fit fine in my small mid tower but what one would cool the best?
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    what purpose of your computer..?

    is it htpc or just regular computer for daily application..?
    will you unlock or overclock it..?

    well, actualy i vote for antec kuhler..againts two air cooler listed above, it's clearly the winner..

    but if you want to use your computer as a htpc, it's not very ideal, because kuhler's fan is rather loud..
  2. Gaming pc and i want to unlock the fourth core aswell not sure i need to my cpu already shows up as a four core on my pc.
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