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All right, I thought I hooked up my computer correctly but I guess not. When I turn it on, the fans all come on, the power led comes on, but the monitor won't respond. What are the possible missing links in this situations?

Also, when I hold down the power switch, the computer will not turn off. Maybe that will help the diagnosis.
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  1. It could be one of a large number of problems, some of which might even be motherboard specific. The best place to start is here:

    Go down the list and see if anything solves the problem. If you're still having issues, come back to this thread and give us your full list of hardware too.
    Good luck! :)
  2. I would go back and recheck the front control panel wiring. You may have some things crossed up that is not allowing the power switch to function correctly. Use the motherboards manual wiring diagram to make sure you connect to the correct pins and have the + and - connected correctly.

    Secondly, I would remove the video card and reseat it. Try and pay close attention that it is fully seated and locked in after you screw it in place.

    Thirdly, I would go back and make sure all of your power cables are correctly connected. Did you use a splitter for the power to your video card (if it requires power)? Make sure those connections are good.

    Also check to make sure you memory sticks are seated correctly as well.

    If none of what I mentioned above works then I would look into removing the heatsink on your cpu and removing the cpu. Clean the thermal paste off 1st before removing the cpu so you don't get any thermal paste on the base of the cpu. Then remove it and reseat it. Then carefully reinstall the heatsink.

    I would bet on it being one of the mentioned issues I listed from the sound of things.

    It would also help us if you made a list of the hardware you are assembling. Some if these guys here may have had the same hardware and know some issues with them.
  3. another thing i can think of yet i don't know if it is still done today is check the jumpers on the mobo to see if there is one to set the CPU speed. if you mobo has onboard video keep the grphics card out and just install the ram and do not have any of your drives connected too and then see if it will boot up.
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