Help, need a case and PSU for GA-EP45-UD3R+Q9550

There are so many different types of cases and PSU's out there, so I am totaly confused. I am leaning towards a mid tower case but have no idea will that be big enough to provide sufficient cooling. Do you think 650W of PSU if I decide to overclick later. Thank you for your ideas!!!
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  1. I went with this case, it has been nothing but good to me since i bought it, built really solid too. Be sure to check the reviews, no bad ones...

    For the PSU, i would go with a 650-watt + PSU from either Corsair or OCZ.
  2. I haven't got video card yet, only the cpu, mpbo and G.Skill 2x2GB DDR2 1066Mhz. I do dot play a lot of games so it should be a middle range Video card.
  3. I am more concern about the noice and energy consumption.
  4. The antec 300 is a good looking one although its too big for me , I only live in one bed flat, so no much room. Do you think Thermaltake M9- Mid Tower is going to be fine for this configuration?
  5. zzfh is right, a mid tower case is a mid tower case, usually the sizes are non-negotiable. the Antec is a great case, i just suggested mine because it REALLY is a great case and it's something different other than an Antec that everyone usually recommends.
  6. by the way zzfh, our systems are similar, just wondering, have you tried to push your Q6700 any higher?
  7. strange how some chips are golden and some are not, could it be your motherboard that is limiting?
  8. G0 CPU or the other, i forget what it was, maybe B0
  9. man, that's what i have, must be bad luck. i'm going to try for 4.0 this weekend, 1.5 is ok voltage for this chip, right?
  10. Thanks zipzoomflyhigh for the advice. I will probably stick to Antec case. It is good value with plenty of scope for upgrade, olso, a good looking one. How about the OCZ PSU, do you think 550W is suficient if put under extra presure when overclocking? From the staff I read elsewhare I have an impresion that the bigger and most powerful the SPU is the better.
  11. some PSU's are built better, this means that a 550w PSU from OCZ or Corsair will be better than a 650w PSU from a no-name brand. There are a lot of factors that play here, like amp rating on the 12v rail, 80+ certified, etc...

    To answer your question, the OCZ 550w PSU will handle anything you throw at it if you are using one video card, and in most cases, it will handle a 2 video card solution.
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