Gigabyte EX58-UD3R No Post,

Hi All,

Ive got a Gigabyte EX58-UD3R, won't give me a post.

It powers up ten after about 10 seconds it gives me a series of short beeps maybe 15 odd then stops, this repeats after another 10 seconds.

Any Ideas what the noise represents.

Please do not post answers like check cpu or mem, it all been checked and verified, interested in wat the noise means

The only ting that I came up with a checksum bios error

Thank you!
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  1. Hi.

    Check the manual of your mobo to know what means the beeps.

    Usually, the beeps means that exist some problem with the RAM. Remove and install again the RAM and test it stick by stick.
  2. Either RAM or corrupted CMOS... Try putting a single DIMM into the DDR3_1 slot (the white one closest to the CPU), then try the 'escape' procedure in the 'Boot Loops' section of the 'sticky'...
  3. From your mobo manual:

    1 long, 9 short: BIOS ROM error
    Continuous short beeps: Power error
  4. Hi Guys,

    I think it might be the Ram, how strict are Gigabyte when it comes to using Ram that is not listed on there supported list for their motherbooards.

    the Ram I am using worked fine with an Asus P6TD Deluxe V2. I have 3 different sticks all same problem.

    heres the list

    1. Adata 1gb ddr3 1333 model no. VD3U1333B2G9-B
    2. Nanya 1gb ddr3 1066 model no. NT1GC72B89AONF-BE
    3. Hynix 1 gb ddr3 1066 model no. HMT112U7BFR8C-G7

    All 3 are not listed on the Supported memory list, the closest model is the Nanya. If they work in the Asus shouldn't they work in the Gigabyte.

    Please advise
  5. The word 'strict' has no bearing on the GB 'Memory support lists'; here's the deal:

    The support list is done when the board design is finalized to production, and almost never updated thereafter. When this is done, somebody with some degree of engineering talent, and knowledge of the hardware involved, sits down with a collection of RAM they have 'lying about', mostly samples provided by manufacturers who have a vested interest in getting their products on the list. He tosses aside the candidates he knows won't work, for one reason or another, on that particular platform, and goes to work setting up and testing the remainder. If he can get it working - it goes on the list; if not, not! I imagine he stays at it until he reaches some arbitrary number, or until his boss says "you got other, important work to do - GIT!"

    This leaves a large number of issues for the user:

    Being 'on the list' does not guarantee 'instant' compatibility for your use; the list provides no detail regarding "did it just come up and run with a 'Load Optimized?'', "did he have to enable XMP and it worked?", or, "did he (with 'inside' knowledge of the MOBO and BIOS) have to 'diddle around' a half-hour to set it up?"

    Not being on the list certainly does not imply it won't work! I have built a little Excel 'tool' for evalution and comparison of RAM; I went to update its contents just to reflect what's available in 2G x 3Channel from NewEgg, and, if memory serves me, wound up with eighty-some odd part numbers! Considering the ungodly amount of MOBOs GB makes, this would require a full-time staff of ten, even assuming the samples were consistently available - else another ten could work all day every day 'hunting down' samples! Your RAM part's absence may simply reflect that it was released after the board...

    Many parts you'll see on the list are from unfamiliar makers - they may be available in every quick-service gas-station in Taiwan, but simply aren't available in your market...
  6. Are there any 1GB or 2GB sticks that you could recommend for GB X58 mobos, dont really wanna spend that much as its just for testing purposes.

    i was thinking, its nearly o the list apart from the last 1/2 letters

    Are ram compatility issues that common when it comes to GB mobo's?

    Dont wanna spend another £30 on a dead board.

    The reason i reckon its the Ram is because that PCI debug code gave me a code for c0/c1 when the speaker was beeping, it something to o with initializing the ram.
  7. Kind of late tonight - I'm nuts, and have to sleep regular hours. Manic-depressive: insomnia leads to mania, which leads to more insomnia, and more mania - and pretty soon I'm prowling around on the ceiling, wearing my tin-foil hat [:fixitbil:9]

    Tomorrow, I will examine a bunch of posts, both here and at TweakTown, and find out if that is a reliable 'go', or perhaps I can find something else that has proven itself... Purchasing in the UK?
  8. That would be perfect mate, yes UK
  9. I think that one will work fine...

    Go to Micron's Motherboard Tested Memory...

    manufacturer: GIGABYTE (next)
    motherboard: EX58-UD4P (same board; different 'feature set' - next)
    memory type: DDR3 (only selection - next)
    platform: DESKTOP (only selection - next)

    ...and there you are! Tested! [:jaydeejohn:3]


    I was staggered by their site, and the level of information available - should have know, they are mainly 'server-centric'!
    I've been pissing and moaning forever about "why is this damned SPD stuff a freaking secret?" - take a peek at THIS!! Now why can't they do this with their Crucial branch??
  10. Thanks BilBat really appreciate it
  11. Always [:graywolf:9] !

    I think you're getting a deal here because those are EOL'd (end-of-life); they either are discontinued, or are in the process of being discontinued; Micron's stuff (when you can even find a source) is usually pretty 'pricey'!

    Oh, and, BTW, the whole 1156/1366 'pickiness' about memory is not a platform flaw - the problem 'belongs' to the MOBO and memory manufacturers; the huge number of posted problems occur because, though Intel CPUs only support 800, 1066, and for some (most, now...) 1333, huge numbers of (gullible) people are paying huge amounts of money for uselessly faster memory - when memory speed on these platforms does not 'scale' to subjectively noticeable performance gains...
  12. Got the memory this morning, its running perfect ty.

    Hey Bilbat what country are you from, I may have something that might be of interest for you.
  13. US - mid-west, near Milwaukee Wisconsin, just off the Great Lakes - Lake Michigan... Besides work, spent some time back & forth there, trying to import (or maybe manufacture here...) these:

    Perhaps you've seen some 'scooting around' there! Was made to take Cortina & Scorpio parts; pictured prototype, I re-engineered to take US Fox Mustang front-end, Merkur rear, Renault Fuego transaxle, and shoveled in a '62 Buick 215 aluminum V-8, bored and stroked to 266 (4.4L) - tooling for which was sold in '64 or '65 to Leyland - basis for the TR8 and current Rover...

    Used to joke all the time about the two things seperating US and UK were the Atlantic ocean, and the English language!!
  14. Nice set of of wheels G!!

    How much does when of them set u back

    Ive been in contact with a company in Taiwan who manufacture DDR2 and DD3 for overclockers. The memory LOOKS the business, but like I said im still learning from a Pentium 133 to an i7 is a big gap.

    This Ram looks as though it could compete with G Skill, Corsair and OCZ, but looks can be decieving.

    They are currently looking for suppliers and distributors, if your into import this could be right up your street

    If you give me your e-mail I'll send you the details

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