AMD Catalyst Control Center Auto-Tune Test

I attempted to overclock my FX-8120 last night using the AMD Catalyst Control Center and it said I had to run the Auto-Tune test first.

When I ran that for my video cards it only took about 45 minutes.

For the CPU it was 2 hours in and nothing was happening. My screen was black but the PC was still running with fans on full blast. Does anyone know how long this test usually takes?
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  1. The CCC test OCs the GPU, but not the CPU. For OCing the CPU, use AMD's Overdrive. Simply go to to download. Good luck!
  2. Should have clarified. Overdrive is what I clicked on inside the Catalyst Control Center (or Engine Control Center, I've seen it referred to as both). If I need to let it run for a few hours before I can do anything that's fine, I just want to know because that seemed like a long time for an auto-tune test. I tried again after rebooting and it wouldn't let me OC the CPU so obviously it didn't finish the test and/or an error occurred that I didn't see.
  3. Did you set your BIOS CPU settings to AUTO before running Overdrive?
  4. I did not. I will check that tonight.
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