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I currently have a store bought PC it's a Gateway FX7020 with an AMD Phenom 2.30ghz, Nvidia Geforce 8800gt, 500gig hard drive, 400w power supply and an aftermarket HP 20 inch widescreen monitor. I have recently upgraded the video card to a PNY 9800gtx 512 card and upgraded the power supply to a 800w psupply. I am also about to purchase a Coolermaster Storm Scout PC case. I am currently playing Aion and i would like to upgrade all of my PC components to play the game at high settings with little to no lag. I am thinking about going with the AMD phenom II x4 black edition 3.40ghz and an Asus ASUS M4A79T Deluxe Motherboard that supports DDR3. Im wondering if this will be good enough and if anyone has any recommendations on any other parts or things that i need to look in to or purchase to make this build work well. Any input is greatly appreciated. Also im wondering if the 800w powersupply will be able to run that setup:) Thanks!
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  1. The power supply is made by Zion, it seems to be running great at the moment. What would you recommend for a good video card upgrade? I like Nvidia but i would switch to ATI if it was a performance upgrade.
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