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OCZ Solid 3 Slow Benchmark

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September 16, 2011 3:39:14 AM

So I received my OCZ Solid 3 60gb yesterday and did a fresh install of windows 7 Pro. Before doing so I updated the firmware and set my drives to run on AHCI in the bios, and unplugged my other drives only leaving in the SSD. I have most of it set up and just ran Crystaldiskmark to check to make sure the speeds were good and this was the result:

Seq Read: 208.8 MB/s
Seq Write: 79.03 MB/s

512K Read: 200.5 MB/s
512K Write: 79.65 MB/s

4K Read: 29.82 MB/s
4K Write: 78.13 MB/s

4K QD32 Read: 49.76 MB/s
4K QD32 Write: 77.5 MB/s

Any ideas on how to speed up my system?

BTW this is my rig

AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 4.44
Gigabyte 890XA-UD3 (Has SB850)
8 GB G.skill memory 1600 8-9-8-24
XFX HD6870 Black Edition
OCZ Solid 3 60gb SSD
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB

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a c 119 G Storage
September 16, 2011 4:02:49 AM

Do you have the drive plugged into the sata2 or sata3 , if you notice the spes's of the drive it gives you two read speeds and two write speeds , one for sata2 and one for sata3. You will also notice the when they put the speeds capability in the details they do say " UP TO "
a c 119 G Storage
September 16, 2011 4:09:53 AM

Also when setting the partition they do say to leave a good amount of gb's in the unpartitioned space. I know that is hard to do with a 60 gb being small to begin with. Also the Solid model is the lowest of the three that OCZ makes. Read some of the feedback on Newegg and you will see you are not alone.
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a c 545 G Storage
September 16, 2011 6:04:11 AM

Advertised speeds for OCZ drives are with ATTO & AS-SSD benchmark software.

AS-SSD is similar to CrystalDiskMark in that they both use incompressible data to test read/write speeds.
Advertised AS-SSD speeds for your drive are "up to" 175 MB/s Read and 60 MB/s Write.

If you are looking for the "up to" 500 MB/s Read and 450 MB/s Write you have to benchmark with ATTO.
September 16, 2011 6:18:03 AM

Best answer selected by gonemtbiking123.
September 16, 2011 6:21:14 AM

Thanks up to 480 MB/s on ATTO
September 26, 2011 10:35:18 AM

I'm running this drive on my system and it only gets 399mbs in atto. WEI is a 7.8. Not much better than my agility 2.

Is something wrong with my drive? Im reading every is getting close to 500mbs in atto bench mark.

Crystal disk mark is slow at 200mbs..slower than my agility 2... am I doing something wrong? or is it the drive?

Im going to contact ocz to confirm this but if you guys want to mention anything It would help a bunch...

My rig is

Big Bang Xpower
1600mhz 24gb
solid 3 120gb
a b G Storage
September 28, 2011 4:29:03 AM

it's because you are using a Marvell 6G chipset which has an internal PCI-E x1 speed cap. Any raid card that uses the same chip will have that same internal limitation regardless of the rated interface speed and you will need a native Intel or AMD 6G controller to make that drive hit 500MB/s in ATTO.
September 28, 2011 5:52:34 AM

Thanks Groberts for your input!

I actually had thought that was the problem. I'm glad your confirmed my theory. It was making me suspicious when I read everyone had a diff mobo with diff raid controller....

For my mobo I use two video cards which get pci x16 on each card.... I was thinking of adding a sata 3 controller pci card to the mix but my mobo says it will cut one x16 slot into two x8 slots...

So in theory I would be taking performance away from my graphics setup.... I dont know if its worth it to install a sata 3... I seen some cheap ones and some very expensive ones...and because my gpu cards utilize x16 I think it would definitely not be a good idea to take that away from them.

If i get the sata 3 pci card, I guess I would go for a cheap one to save cost...but I could go up in cost if its beneficial.... If it actually gets me to see the that I confirmed my raid card theory Im guessing I could fail by purchasing a weaker sata 3 pci card.

Any thoughts on what Im trying to do would help me out tremendously.. Thanks again!
September 28, 2011 10:30:58 AM

Ok so Im doing some research and Im hearing performance will not be an issue if I add a sata 3 controller to my current setup.

It will be x16 - x8 - x8.... two sli cards on x16 and x8...but the other x8 will be the sata i read a good sata 3 controller is LSI 4i card.... but this seems like more than I need and definitely pricey...

I have seen controller cards at far less... basicly im asking for a recommendation...

What is the cheapest sata controller card that can give me 500mbs performance for a sata 3 ssd. I plan on only need one sata 3 connection but most of them at least come in two internal connectors...

If you know what will help me please reply...or if you know more information about what im saying please add it in this conversation Im open to learning more if i said anything that doesnt make sense.