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Hello, I just built a computer and it there is no sign of anything when i try and power it on, i belive the motherboard is dead from new because ive tried several things; 3 different new PSUs, a different power switch, ive checked connections numerous times when i try and power it on there are no LEDS no nothing, DEAD. The main parts are Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H
AMD Athlon II x3 tri core 425
Samsung eco 500gb

Ive built quite a few PCs i can only thinks its the mobo.
If it is ill send it back.

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  1. Ok thanks for the reply.

    When you say;
    If you are connected to power saver, check to see if it is on.
    I dont know what you mean?
  2. Just put the least number of connections required to the board. The 20 or 24-pin power to the board and the 4-pin connector in the corner. The CPU fan lead. Then the fiddly power switch pin only (no others, the system should work with just this lead if it's OK).
  3. Ive tried the least number of connections and still no power to anything.
    I think it may be an electrical failure on the board as ive tried 3 new different power supplies and still nothing, the power just isnt getting to the motherboard.
  4. Or a short somewhere. That's rare but it does happen.

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Pay close attention to the breadboard section:
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