SSD AS511S3 120G issue - Pls help

Hello all..

I need some insight and help here...

I recently purchased a AS511S3 120gb.

It intermittently disconnects the hard drive. sometimes i jus power it down cold and it quick fixes the issue. (SSD is my primary OS)

I'm just curious ifanybody else has this issue. I couldnt find anything online that relates to mine ( kinda feelslike DOA)

here are my specs...not full detail

Intel Core i5 750 Quad Core Processor Lynnfield LGA1156 2.66GHZ 8MB
ASUS P7P55D Pro LGA1156
8 GB of ram...too lazy to post the make /model

i needsome suggestions pls....

i'm kinda leaning towards the DOA part...but I think i might try plugging it into another sata port.... jus for kicks....

Thank you all for your time
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  1. first step is replace the cable and change the port. just to be sure its not a connection issue. update the firmware if you can. I use intel SSD's and have NEVER had an issue of any sort with them. i have seen clients and friends with OCZ drives that experience this type of issue.
  2. hey NCC... thanks for your reply...just been doing some testings...

    -changed cables
    -changed ports
    -fyi, SSD is jus an upgrade to my system, i was running my OS on a SataII drive before.
    -firmware, I dont believe Adata has a firmware available for my model S511

    In conclusion, i'm stuck. Still bsod's...and at times when i restart, the bios can't find the drive (its like its been disconnected). at times if I cold boot it, it jus shows up again in the BIOS. Its odd. Could this be a PSU related matter?
  3. i suppose the psu can always cause such things to break but this is a pretty specific issue for a psu... only 1 hd failing sounds like it would be a power connector issue, switching the cable that plugs into your ssd would resolve that. if you want to however try swapping the psu with another you have lying around. i wouldn't have high hopes of that solving your issues tho.
  4. you are right..doesnt make sense. The cable has 3 power connectors.... all 3 are hooked up ..but my one fails? well, all 3 are plugged into HD's. ....

    let me see if i can use the other power connector (the oneplugged into my DVD rom)..

    thanks....NCC...ur theee only one replying... and i go tthis ssd b/c of toms reviews...hahah *sad
  5. If I'm not mistaken that uses the marevel controller very simular to the crucial M4.
    Are You on a Intel Sata port or are you on a 3rd party Sata controller such as the Marvel controller?? If the marvel controler port, try switching to the Intel Controller, even if only sata II

    I'm guessing that your driver is the iaSTor (if on Intel sata port). If so have you updated to the latest Intel RST driver which is version 10.6.

    If unsure of the driver windows is using, down load AS SSD and open it (do not need to run Benchmark) and it will show you the driver being used. Will also display firmware version of SSD.
    Screen shot of my M4 - Firmware ver 9, driver iaSTor and Partition alignemt = OK:

    If on a Marvel Sata III controller, that may be the problem and the reason I indicated switching to the Intel Sata port, even if it is only SATA II. Putting a SATA III SSD on a SATA II does not knock the performance of a SSD Boot + program drive very much in real life. The Sequencial read writes may be cut down considerably as a bench mark will show, BUT this is the Least important parameter for a OS/Program SSD.
  6. perhaps the PSU is having a voltage issue? do you notice any corilation between the platter drives spinning up and the ssd failing? maybe the 2 platters are causing a Vdrop to the 3rd power line going to the ssd?

    as for swaping a ssd from sata3 to sata 2, i doubt you would ever see a difference... perhaps if you are loading huge 2gb files for a game or video but you would never see any performance up or down for normal use.
  7. Hey all,

    I appreciate your input on this...

    So far, I've realized you have to set your Drives to be in AHCI mode ....which i didnt, and built it based on IDE mode.

    SO far i've changed it in the BIOS, and altered it in the OS to be read in AHCI mode.

    So far so good ..for 1 day.... lol

    If this last more than 3-4days...i'm good to go!


    >how do i find out whether the driver is using iaST or intel? I guess i'll DL AS SSD to find out

    > u mentioned if i was using an intel port or 3rd party... what do mean? (sorry, not too literate with the HD controller world)

    How would I find out what type of controller i am using? Are you talking about the Hard drive? i'm pretty sure it uses a > Sandforce SF-2281 contorller

    I appreciate your patience....
  8. Yes, use As SSD to determine which driver windows is using (iaSTor = Intel, msahci = microsolf default ahci drive ad I think marvels driver stars with a mv)

    Confusing wording on my part. The mother board has a chipset that controlls the Sata ports Will double check but I think you have two, an Intel chipset that provides 2 Sata II and 2 Sata III ports and a marvel controller that provides 2 additional sata III ports, This is what my asrock Extreme 4 has)

    Also inside the SSD is an additional controller; for Sata III is is a Marvel (Intel 510, crucial M4 ect) or a SF2281 for the OCZ vertex, Corsair Force.

    Will get back after I look up your MB.

    OK skip that MB cipsets, Just noticed you hav a P55 chipset, not a P67. You have
    el® P55 Express Chipset built-in
    6 xSATA 3.0 Gb/s ports
    Intel Matrix Storage Technology Support RAID 0,1,5,10
    JMicron® JMB363 SATA & PATA controller:
    - 1 x UltraDMA 133/100/66 for up to 2 PATA devices
    - 1 x SATA 3Gb/s port (black)
    - 1 x External SATA 3Gb/s port

    So just do not plug in to the "black" jMicron SATA Port. Use Sata Por intel (0) first intel port for your SSD. You will be limited to SATA II speeds.
  9. Ok...nice...thx MasterChief....

    SSD is SF2281 >> my MB only supports SII
  10. Install Intel RST driver ver 10.6

    Latest Downloads
    Can try this: Automatically detect and update drivers and software
    Or selct this and download and install yourself:
    Intel® Rapid Storage Technology
    ...Note Before you ask, the first one which is english only. (iata_enu_10.6.0.1022.exe)
    the 2nd one is multilangue and that is why its larger.
  11. Thanks Chief!

    RST driver has been installed

  12. So chief....

    I just got a BSOD after a day .....since the install

    On the side note, the bsod is a memory dump all the time.

    but this started ever since I installed this SSD, hence why i'm leaning towards it

    thanks again for alll your help ......
  13. Have Run Prime 95 (blend mode). Run for about 4 hours to verify cpu/memory.
    Side benifit is you can verify that +12 V rail is good and temps are good, although you have probably already done that.
  14. to be honest, i'll do it again. Its been awhile since i've run a stress test.

    I'll be back....

  15. sorry for such a late been keeping me up

    I've ran Prime 95 (in blend mode)... everything passes OK

    I jus woke up this morning...and i see on my screen "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected"

    Does my PSU has anything to do with it?
  16. im not sure, if your other HD's dont power down when this SSD does then this makes me think there is either a setting some place for only your C drive to power down or the SSD is bad. i know of no setting in stock windows that lets you only power down a single drive for power saving.
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