Stock i7 920 install

I am installing a i7 920 with the intel supplied cooling fan. I do not plan on overclocking.

Do I need artic silver or the like, or is everything I need in the Intel CPU box?

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  1. the TIM (artic silver is a TIM) should be pre-applied at the bottom of the stock cooler, you may need to peel off some protective covering or something, but it should be there

    if not and it's completely cooper down there and there is no pad or tube of TIM for you to use, get some AS5 and call intel to complain (maybe you got a grey box!!!! missing component is one sign of it and you may have been scammed or intel screwed up in the packaging, then demand a upgrade for all ur hassle rofl)
  2. The heatsink has a pad that melts filling the uneven bumps on the heatsink surface just like thermal grease. You don't need to use any thermal grease. I've even remounted stock heatsinks just with the leftover goo.
  3. Well that's not the best approach, but I guess it's okay for some...

    the goo that is left is usually aged and when you expose it to air...

    nothing about the new stuff tho, so if you got the newer stuff you are gtg
  4. Thanks guys. I am staying stock for now so will just stay with the OEM solution. Hopefully the TIM is in the box or on the pad. If I overclock in the future I will buy a cooler and buy som AS5.
  5. Thats it right there, it looks like a segmented sticker. it melts in.
  6. As notty's provided on the stock heatsink. If you're not overclocking, use the stock. No need to buy anything extra.
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