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Hello this is my first post so please bare with me. Anyways i have a EVGA GTX 260 graphics card ( and i am trying to get it to display on my LG HDTV. I have three different types of cables which convert the connectors. I have a DVI to component HD cable (red, green, blue), a DVI to HDMI cabble, and a VGA to component HD cable (red, green, blue). The only cable that works is the DVI to HDMI cable but I get no sound. I also have a sound cable converter which plugs in my audio port and converts it to regular sound (the white and red connectors). What im trying to do is use the HD component cables and the sound cable so I can plug it into the same input on my TV, but with the HD component cables, I can't get them to work at all. Do I need to change some sort of settings on my computer? So my main question is how would I use any of those cables so I can get the display and sound on my LG TV? Thanks.
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  1. Have you installed the 2-pin SPDIF cable running from your motherboard to the video card?
    You need to do that to have sound running over the HDMI connector.
    Then check your audio options (Control Panel -> Sound) where you enable SPDIF output.
  2. Yeah i did that what you said, but there still isnt no sound, but there is like some cracking of sound over the speakers, so do I need to install drivers for my video card so it can transfer audio?
  3. Does your HDTV show up as your default monitor when you look at Control Panel settings? How does control panel name the TV?
  4. The picture works fine, but the display in the control panel is
    1. Generic PnP Monitor on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260.

    Is there a way i could get the DVI or VGA to HD Component cables to work, because I have a audio converter which works, I just can't get it into the same input. But HDMI would be nice lol.
  5. wait, my bad, in the graphic card display control panel, it does see that the monitor is a LG TV.
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