Help me undestand one thing

I will upgrade my computer and I'm not sure which the Graphics cards I can choose. I live in Brasil and the Quadro's and ati's are too dear> My new one will be based in Intel i5-750, I question:
I got money only to QUADRO FX570(US430 here).
Will this card work for me better than any graphics cards for game?
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  1. Quadro cards aren't for gaming.

    You either want an Nvidia GeForce or an ATI Radeon.
  2. quadros are for professional CAD etc use, not for games.... try geforce or radeon families instead.

    edit I'm too slow....
  3. Bring your A-game next time Kari :)
  4. Yes bros, I need only a simple information.
  5. rodney_ws said:
    Bring your A-game next time Kari :)

    I beg your pardon but I have forgot to say that I work with Video. That's why I need a card to edit wedding, etc.
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