Media Errors - SCSI disks

DELL PowerEdge 7250 server (Itanium 2 CPU).

One of two 33.7GB SCSI disk indicate (LED indicator) problem.
In BIOS – PERC/CERC BIOS Configuration Utility – Objects – Physical Drive this disk is ONLINE but reports 6 Media Errors.
What this Media Errors mean and how to solve this errors?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. i have not worked with these drives but im assuming they are bad sectors. media failure is indicating a failure in the hard drives them selves. it could be a time out 'event' OR a bad sector on the drive. i would some diags on the drives, maybe MHDD them to remap bad sectors or spin-right them to recover things/restore good sectors.
  2. Thanks for the answer,

    I wanted to install Dell Server Administrator but I cannot find the installation for DELL PowerEdge 7250 and for Server 2003.
    Can you help me to find installation of Dell Server Administrator?

    I also want to run consistency check from BIOS – PERC/CERC BIOS Configuration Utility.
    Because this is a production server can you tell me how long consistency check will last?
  3. I have some friends who deal with dell servers more than i do they may know where to get the software, ill check around. as for the HD checks, i would assume anywhere from 1-perhaps 10 hours per drive depending on error count for surface tests.
  4. I can't install this version because this is not version from Dell PowerEdge 7250 server.
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