Well cooled 4850 or not great cooled 4870?

I have the option of either a 4850 with a good heatsink for $120 or a 4870 with a slightly hot running heatsink for $153.

I will be running games @ 1680 x 1050.

I have a 500w PSU.

What would you guys choose?

PS. those USD prices are converted from my local currency!
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  1. What is your case like? How many fans?
  2. I would go with the 4870, the cooler should be sufficient for stock speeds.
  3. lian-li case, well cabled, medium size fan extracting air at the back, fan at roof of case is disconnected for now?
  4. Get the 4870 and monitor your system temps.
    If they're running too high considering running the top fan or adding another case fan.
  5. The PSU is a q-tec, it has a table of ouputswritten on it, i.e.
    +12v, peak 18A, peak watt 216w

    Not sure if that means anything...?
  6. Can you link to the cards in question? If not from a site in your country perhaps from another like Newegg (USA) or Overclockers (UK)?
    Assuming the HD4870 has a reasonable cooler, it's the best way to go as far as performance goes but if you live in a hot climate it might be better to use the better cooled card and sacrifice some performance for a more stable system and less fan noise.

    The HD5770 has similar performance to the HD4870, runs cooler and only needs a single power connector but it may be unavailable in your country or just too expensive :(
  7. Just read your last post, Maxapp.
    Can you post the full output details? Also does it have any 6-pin PCI-E connectors?
  8. maxppp said:
    The PSU is a q-tec, it has a table of ouputswritten on it, i.e.
    +12v, peak 18A, peak watt 216w

    Not sure if that means anything...?
    It means the PSU won't support a 4850 or 4870. Sorry.
  9. Ok you did say you had a 500W PSU? No way the +12V should have a very very low 216W peak.
  10. Yep no probs:
    Heres the : 4870
    Here is the 4850

    THe Q-Tec PSU:

    o/p peak peak watt
    +3.3v 28a 252w
    +5v 35a 252w
    +12v 18a 216w
    -5v 1.0a 5w
    -12v 1.0a 12w
  11. You also should be looking at the 5750... Generates no heat at all vs. the 4 series and its DX11 ready....

    XFX HD-575X-ZNFC Radeon HD 5750 1GB

    Details :

  12. maxppp said:

    THe Q-Tec PSU:

    o/p peak peak watt
    +3.3v 28a 252w
    +5v 35a 252w
    +12v 18a 216w
    -5v 1.0a 5w
    -12v 1.0a 12w

    OK; its an older style ATX version 1.x PSU. That -5v rail gives it away.
    I don't believe it has enough +12V power for your system and the new 4850/4850 video card.
  13. From a personal experience, having actually had the card I'll say: stay away from the HD4870. The one I had ran at 90C under load at 100% fan speed, which was loud enough to hear clearly through my gaming headphones! It was returned.
    The HD4850 seems to be OK, even the Newegg customers seem to like it, which is reassuring enough for me to recommend it.
    The bad news is that you will HAVE to change the PSU, its +12v output is not enough to run either card.
  14. Here is a more modern ATX ver 2.x 400W PSU data label. Notice the much higher +12V rating - up to 380W. And no more -5v rail.

  15. Ah i didnt realise it worked like that.

    It currently has a 'new style' antec earth-something(cant pull it all the way out!)380w psu that reads:
    +12v/-12v max load 324w
    5v, 3.3v max load 130w.

    Essentially i just wanted something that had decent linux support and could run tf2 at 1680x1050 and never drop below 60fps.

    The rest of the machine is a factory clocked c2d (8400) 3.0ghz with 8gb ddr2 ram. Are there any other nvidia/ati cards that could fit the bill?

    Thanks for all the replies btw, youve all been really helpful.
  16. Do not play tf2 myself, but I think it's more CPU than GPU dependant. Source games in general do well with less powerful cards and Nvidia seem to have better Linux support than ATI so I'd suggest either a 9600GT or the low power 9800GT:

  17. The Antec 380W PSU has enough power for a ATI HD 4670 or Nvidia 9600GT video card.

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