Installing pc2 5300 ddr 667 with a pc2 6400 ddr800 can i do it

can install a pc2 5300 ddr 667 into my notebook that has already got a pc2 6400 ddr 800 and will they work okay?
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  1. It should be possible (if you are lucky and there is not any compatibility issues). Then the computer will run at the speed of the slower module (667).
  2. doing so will increase from 1gb to 2gb memory is the cost benefit ratio worth it? will i lose performance overall or is worth it to increase overall performance?
  3. If you increase the amount of memory, the system will run better and therefore the performance will increase. But if you decide to install the DDR2-667 module the performance of the memory will decrease, so the overall performance won't be as high as it should. So, the best option would be to buy another DDR2-800 module.
  4. buying new memory isnt an option at the moment, basically will it be a better or worse installing the ddr667 to increase the memory to 2gb until i can afford a ddr800
  5. If I were you, I would install that new DDR2-667 module. Anyway, you can test the performance of your computer using a program like those:
    Sisoft Sandra:
  6. thanks for your help Henry
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