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Need someone to recommend a drill size for boring out the fan cover holes on my case (or should I just remove the stamped cover entirely?). Case is a Raidmax Scorpio 868 rear panel below.

I want it to look more like below.


Currently setting up to put a 140mm fan on the front and 2 80mm fans on the back for the standard low-in, high-out setup but all the excess metal is rather restricting. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Too much work. Just get a new case. NZXT Gamma. It's a new budget case. Or Antec 300. No offense, but RaidMax makes really crappy cases and power supplies.

    This is the only one that is decent The SMILODON
  2. I would saw off the whole grill section rather than trying to drill more holes in the small gaps between the existing holes.
  3. Ok, so I sawed them all off. I'm not great shakes with power tools so it's not the best looking job but as I don't plan on posting pics I'm the only one who will ever notice! :-).

    To masterasia, I blew all my $ for this new build on the hardware so I can't get a new case and the wife would notice that :-). I replaced the PSU from the start so no worries on that front.

    So the holes are in and the fans have been mounted, does anyone have any ideas for a way to visiually detect the airflow through the case so I can find any hotspots. I was thinking about dry ice but am worried about moisture (not from the dry ice but it's humid in GA and reg. ice can build up and sublimate). Should I just use a laser thermometer? Thanks in advance
  4. Something like speedfan that will take the motherboard, HDD and GPU readings is all most people use. If the motherboard, HDD and GPU temps are good, there isnt much else to it.
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