G. skill Ripjaws 2000Mhz at 1.6V kills the CPU?

Hi I see this memories in newegg but some customer write a review:

Cons: I have seen posts of the G.Skill support forum where the main tech support guy recommended running 1.60v on the QPI/VTT voltage. This is unacceptable. Long term usage at 1.60v is going to kill or heavily degrade your CPU in a matter of months. See below for explanation.
Other Thoughts: ****IMPORTANT****
i7 was the first CPU to feature the memory controller on the processor; called an Integrated Memory Controller, or IMC. Now, your CPU is going to be limiting you on how high you can clock your RAM. You will need to adjust a setting in the bios to run higher frequencies. Essentially it is the memory controller voltage and many boards call it different things. It might be called "VTT" or "QPI/DRAM" voltage.

The max safe spec for this voltage per Intel is 1.35v. The max I would personally recommend is 1.4v for 24/7 usage. Some IMCs (especially on early chips that aren't D0, like a C0/C1 stepping i7) may need a lot of voltage to stabilize frequency memory. Please do not run high voltage or it will degrade the lifespan of your CPU. This kit is great because it will downclock to 6-7-6-18 @ 1600mhz so you can run a safe 24/7 voltage while still having blazing fast RAM. Or if you have a good IMC you can of course run it at 2000mhz, just use caution with voltage!

Ìs this true?
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    No it is not true. The memory controller is inside the CPU chip but it gets a different set of voltage. For the memory controller, you cannot get above 1.65 v or risk the shorter life on cpu.
  2. Also, Vtt/QPI is very different from and should NOT be confused with DRAM V. For example on the P55 boards the 'absolute max' for Vtt/QPI (integrated memory controller) is 1.21; they list the 'max' as 1.155 V.
  3. thank i go for this memories for my rampage II gene have a nice day
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  5. I was the one who wrote this review on newegg lol.

    Please read what I typed. It is very true.

    VTT/QPI is a different voltage from the DRAM. I explained this clearly in the post. You can run the DRAM up to 1.65v according to Intel. Theoretically, this value is actually higher. Intel spec calls for 1.35v max on the VTT/QPI; and Intel spec also calls for the DRAM to be within .5v of the QPI/VTT. This allows for a max DRAM voltage of 1.85v.

    Anyway, if this is over your head, as it appears to be on Toms Hardware, then just keep your QPI/VTT voltage under 1.4v for 24/7 usage and you will be fine.
  6. Quote:
    Intel spec calls for 1.35v max on the VTT/QPI ... Anyway, ... just keep your QPI/VTT voltage under 1.4v for 24/7 usage and you will be fine.

    Where are you finding those numbers? By my read of the Intel spec sheet, the max Vtt is 1.155V (Table 7-6) while the absolute max is 1.21V (Table 7-4).
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