A laptop comparison if you could

Im stuck between an HP and the new Gateway FX. I have two questions; Which wiill out-perform the other? and, Will either be a big step up from what im playing on now? (details below)

First is the HP:
i7 @ 1.6 GHz and 6MN L2 cache
6GB DDR3 memory
NVIDIA GT 230M with 1gb dedicated DDR3.

Then the FX:
Centrino 2 Core 2 duo P8700 @2.53GHz
4GBDDR3 memory
NVIDIA 260M with 1gb GDDR# dedicated

What im playing on now is a desktop, core 2 duo E660 @2.4, 2GB DDR2 memory and the NVIDIA 8800GTS with 640mb of memory.

This book is primarily for gaming on the move, LAN's and such, but I want to think I will at the very least be making an upgrade from my desktop. Id like to experience the games as good or better on a book... i know that is hard to do without spending mulla. The price difference between the two books is $200 (the FX is the lesser of the two).

THank you!
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  1. I'm gonna vote on the FX:

    Core 2 Duo may be older tech, but you're talking 2 cores @ 2.53Ghz. Not every game or application can really handle a quad/i7 anyhow, so that 1.6Ghz is going to limit you gaming wise I would imagine. It would be a cool bragging right to tell folks you have a quad core laptop... but I doubt you'd see a heck of a gain (if not a loss). Since most software (especially games) isn't optimized for quad cores, the dual core at higher clocks is likely your best bet.

    Plus the 260M is going to be a far better GPU than the 230M. And 4GB of RAM is plenty for current software.
  2. The FX should be faster but don't expect a difference in performance compared to you desktop. Laptops are not good for gaming unless you play old games that don't require much hardware. Even a 4k Alienware with dual 280m's will struggle with games like Crysis and GTA4.

    What is your budget?
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