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I am planing to setup surveillance system of 30 IP MJPEG camera's with which will stream data at 4Mbps . So the total streaming of the camera's will be approx 120Mbps. I am configuring a Computer for the above requirement.

I want record this data, Can someone help me with the details of the Hard disk in which has write speed of above 120Mbps ? I would to HD to be atleast be 1 TB.
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  1. Should have no Problem with any of the SATA II HDDs. My OLD PVR for recording TV programs used and old 80 gig IDE HDD!!!
    For that matter, The recording from TV to DVDs (which I also use) works great and that is much slower than a HDD interface.

    My preference would be the Samsung F3, followed by the WD blacks (For reliability).
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