I cant see my wireless network

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  1. ElmoScoggins said:

    Sry, Ihave lost my connection to my home wireless network. I cab see other Wi-Fi networks, but not mine. Others nearby are on the network, so it just me, and I've had no problem connecting for many months. Have repaired and seached for new drivers but no help. I am currently on wired connection. Any suggestions?
  2. Have you tried rebooting the router?
  3. Yes, rebooted router and wireless access point.
  4. Since we know others are nearby, it's possible someone VERY nearby has set up their own wireless router and is using the same channel (i.e., stomping on the same freq). So try changing channels on the router (1, 6, and 11 provide the best separation).
  5. didnt help...dont think there are any other networks nearby except neighbor, which I usually can see, but cant anymore. Checked card to make sure iut was seated propoerly and antenna wires connected. All ok
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