Core i5 Temps

I'm a little concerned with my core i5 temps. I've used Speedfan, CoreTemp, RealTemp and they all come back with the same readings, just seems really low.

Stock idles around 15-19C
3.4GHZ idles around 18-22C

Stock Prime95 35-39C (8 Hours)
3.4GHZ Prime95 42-48C (8 Hours)

Ambient Temp 17-18C

Case: HAF932
Heatsink: Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 Rev. 2
Mobo: Gigabyte UD4P
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 4GB
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  1. Lol, Your worried about to low of readings. Well if you think your reading things wrong or whatever. Take a screenshot of your programs, under load. We can get a idea if everything is up and up. Use printscreen on keyboard, paste to paint upload to photobucket.
  2. :lol: your complaining about low temps...well, it does look a bit low, but if everything is stable, and you have tried different things, then there is no worry.
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    Try a 3rd party thermal sensor from an electronics store.

    Also touch the heatsink to see it's temperature.

    Remember, if the temp sensors are different, they will be slighty off each other.
  4. Agree, low cpu temps are nothing to worry about. (unless your seeing negative temps on stock cooler..)

    *what with everyone asking if the there temps are too low all the sudden?*
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