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From what I understand (I'm new to all this) the two 3-pin outputs on the motherboard I'm looking at put power to two fans, and also recieve a tach signal, and can speed up and slow down the fans according to the temp of the CPU. I believe the MB I'm looking at is an Asus Z68P8 or something like that. My case currently has 5 fans in it, and I don't want to molex them and have them hauling ass all day. I see lots of fancy fan controllers out there, but I'm looking for one that simply takes what the MB is calling for and outputs that request to all of my fans, and then I guess it would get it's power from a molex. Is there such a thing, and where would I get one?
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  2. I like the sunbeam with the 6 knobs, but it says you have to unplug your CPU fan to give it a signal, and then let it control your CPU fan. Is that safe?
  3. I could not find where it says you have to plug the cpu fan to it. I would not do that - leave it on the 4-pin motherboard header.

    The controls are manual so have to use the controllers to adjust each fan's speed. I haven't used these. I thought about adding a fan controller a while back, but I've just been using the fan headers on my motherboards.
  4. I read that in the newegg reviews. It says you have to plug it into the 4 pin connector for the PWM signal, then it will automatically control the fans based on that signal, but if you press the button next to the knob, it will give you manual control over that channel. I couldn't find anyone that sells a 4 pin splitter to allow the CPU fan to still run directly off that signal.
  5. Acutally, by looking closer at the sunbeam website, they include a 4 pin splitter with the unit. Looks like this thing will work just good.
  6. It sounds like you found the fan controller you wanted.
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