Computer won't turn dead motherboard ?

hello, today morning i turned off my computer and on the evening i tried to turn on but it was unsuccessfully, my monitor showed me only a blank screen and my cooling processor been working with the maximum rotation turn also computer light (outside) doesn't work either (but it was working on morning) also I tried start computer with disconnected hdd, ram etc. but it still was same, any suggestions ? maybe motherboard is dead, it's quit old ?

windows xp
motherboard - p5pe-vm

I am thinking to find error with 'motherboard diagnostic tool' that will find, what do you think ? (I can't use beep speaker)
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  1. Basically I tried different PSU but it's same as it was.
    Are you serious ? only couple quid for my old computer motherboard ?
    Before I buy that, I want to find out what's problem reason also what do you think about this 'diagnostic tools' ? you know just keep in case if something happens to other computers.
  2. thank you, I just ordered a beeper, will see what it's says and perhaps will resolve my problem.
  3. Tried again different PSU still same also tried beep speaker but isn't sounds from beep, so that means my mb is dead ?
  4. anyone? maybe I have chance to thinking to order new motherboard
  5. p.s. motherboard has problems with built-in sound (that said old motherboard owner, where I can accept, because sound from motherboard isn't working) which might be reason for non-sound from beeper but I have solution I got 'genius' sound card -
    which is connected with mb and was working fine before I had an issue with mb, I am no that good at computers but perhaps I can connect beep with sound card? is there any possibly lead ? Thank you for your time.
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