Antec H20

Just thought I'd post something positive. I screwed up with sending my mobo off for an RMA by failing to keep the back bracket for the Antec 620 cooler, and lost it to the RMA. So I called Antec, and no hassles, they are shipping a new bracket gratis. Thank you Antec, for a most positive experience with your service. I will buy Antec in the future.
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  1. Wow...impressive...not what I would have thought. This is definitely a positive in what could have been a situation of 'pay a small fee and wait for the bracket to ship' process.

    The head of Complaints is Helen Wait, so if you want to complain go to Helen Wait.

    This is epic.
  2. :lol: way to go by putting that as the sig :) nice of antec though - KUDO'S!
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