Upgraded to I7 CPU now running slow

I have recently upgraded my CPU from a core 2 duel to a I7 860, but now the computer seems to be running slower then before. It takes a while to boot and even longer to shut down. Some times the computer would freeze and then come back to life 30 seconds later. I am using a logitech G15 keyboard so i can check the CPU usage from the LCD on the keyboard and the CPU usage seems to be zero most of the time and when i am gaming, it doesnt go beyond 20%, but the game would sometime lag(the game is GTA 4 and sometimes in COD 5). Installations also seems to take a long time, but some games load faster then before, while others take longer to load.

after i put in the new CPU i reinstalled windows, got latest chipset driver, bios, and graphics driver but it is still slow.
my system is:
I7 860
2x2GB Corsair DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
ASUS P7P55D Pro motherboard
700 Watt Thermaltake Power supply
I am using Vista Business Edition 32 bit with service pack 2.

Any idea what the problem is?
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  1. I read that alot of people are having problems with the latest nvidia drivers. Might want to back off one release and see if that helps.

    What Hard drive do you have?
    Why arent you using Vista 64 or Win 7? Vista 32 is pretty much a pointless disaster of an OS.
  2. You might have one of those faulty Foxconn sockets. J/K. I'm not sure what the symptoms of the faulty Foxconn sockets are besides it burning up.

    What kind of hard drive do you have? It might be that your hard drive could be dying.
  3. It won't make a huge difference, but did you manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to the recommended specs in the BIOS to ensure they're running at their rated speed?
  4. nope, didnt set the RAM, what do i need to do to the RAM?

    Harddrives, i dont know which company they are from, one i bought 2 weeks ago and the other one i got maybe 1 year ago, they dont die this fast do they? I know one is from western digital, dont know about the other one.

    i haved tried older graphics drivers, but no difference.

    ok, just found out the other harddrive is by seagate

    Does operation system really make alot of difference on the speed of the PC? because my old core 2 duel was running fine on vista 32
  5. Your RAM is most likely not running at 1600MHz if you left all the settings in the BIOS on "Auto". Which RAM kit do you have? All these match your description:


    The RAM will have a sticker on the side that will tell you what timings and voltage they're rated for. You should manually set the speed/timings/voltage to those specs in the BIOS. The motherboard owners manual should have instructions on how to set the RAM settings.
  6. it is one of these two

    i cant tell the difference between them. I got mine for $109 CAD if it helps
  7. Like I said, the RAM will have a sticker on them with their rated specs.
  8. ok, sticker says 9-9-9-24
    but i just went into bios and there were more then 4 places to input the values

    there was:
    1st Information
    and then 9 options under this to input values

    2nd Information
    and then 2 options under this to input values

    3rd information
    12 options under this to input values
    so what do i do?

    i have also found this
    so the RAM cant get to the stated 1600Mhz? Or if i change the timings, then i need to change the voltage? will that kill the CPU?
  9. You just change the first four timing values of the "1st Information" section to 9-9-9-24. You also need to set the DRAM frequency to 1600MHz and the DRAM voltage to 1.65v. My work blocks that Corsair forum, so I don't know what's in that post. What I do know is that you have to change all three values (speed, timings, and voltage) to the rated specs if that's what you want your RAM to run at. You should spend some quality time reading your motherboard owners manual. I believe pages 3-16 through 3-19 will help you the most. Those pages contain information on how to set the DRAM frequency, timings, and voltage.

    Voltages of 1.65v or less are perfectly fine for your chip.
  10. ok, i set the RAM. DDR3 1600MHZ, 9-9-9-24 at 1.65V. Don't see any obvious differences though.
  11. What are your idle and load CPU temps? It's possible that your CPU is throttling back its speed due to high temps.
  12. right now i am installing a game so the temps are:
    core 0: 45
    core 1: 47
    core 2: 48
    core 3: 46

    when idle, they are normally around 40
  13. Have you tried maxing out your CPU with something like Prime95 to see what the temps get up to?
  14. no. CPU is running above normal because i have turned off the intel speed step thing because this way the CPU doesnt slow down, no effect on speed though
  15. I still think your temps are on the high side. I would try putting a real load on the CPU (installing a game will not really stress the CPU) and see where the temps max out at.
  16. Start up cpu-z and note what the core speed and multiplier are when the cpu should be busy. If you are not running at the rated speed, then check that your windows/vista power settings(cntl panel/pwr options/high performance/advanced-settings/processor power management/maximum processor state)have a max of 100%.

    Run prime95 to load the cores.

    I doubt that the ram settings are a problem, just so long as the ram is not defective. Run memtest86+ to check that.

    Turn on the task manager and resource monitor and look at cpu/memory/hard drive usage. Look for any tasks that you don't recognize. A new windows install might be using low priority I/O to index the system.
  17. i turned off speed step so multiplier stays at 21 and core speed only changes by .2 MHz

    i just played Operation Flash Point: Dragon Rising for 10 mins, with all the settings on highest, highest CPU usage for all cores was around 45%, and the temperatures reached were 51,50,52,52. Is this too high? and this is the reason my computer is running slow?

    i had the power options on balanced, but have now changed to high performance
  18. tikershi said:
    i turned off speed step so multiplier stays at 21 and core speed only changes by .2 MHz

    i just played Operation Flash Point: Dragon Rising for 10 mins, with all the settings on highest, highest CPU usage for all cores was around 45%, and the temperatures reached were 51,50,52,52. Is this too high? and this is the reason my computer is running slow?

    i had the power options on balanced, but have now changed to high performance

    Temps are nominal. Likely your game does not drive the cpu to 100%, particularly all cores. Use prime95 to load all cores.
  19. 1. Have you checked the BIOS to see if it is displaying the correct CPU ?

    2. My guess is the 860 wasn't out when you bought that MoBo. Did you download and install the latest BIOS **BEFORE** changing the CPU ?

    3. What cooler are you using ? Did you set the old one or buy a retail CPU and put on the new HSF ?

    I'm guessing No. 2
  20. I could just be that you got a bad processor? It does happen once every new moon or so. What is you vcore voltage? Are you using an 8-pin eps power connector on your motherboard? Although it should work just fine with a 4 pin.
  21. core voltage is 1.072V right now. I got the motherboard with the CPU and the RAM so i didnt get the latest bios before changing CPU, i got latest bios after CPU was in.

    i am using the fan that came with the CPU. and bios is displaying the correct CPU.

    I dont know what prime95 is so i dont know how to use it, but i will look into it.
  22. I dont have a p55 system to check myself, but the way I read these charts, you are under volted. That could cause performance issues. The 3.6GHz numbers were without a voltage increase according to the article.
  23. i don't understand that chart, i don't have a I5 and i am not overclocking. My CPU is running at 2.8GHz not 3.6GHz.

    i just ran prime95 for half an hour(is this too short?). All the cores were at 100% load. I stopped because the maximum temperature did not increase for 20 minutes. The tempertures are 72,74,73,75.
  24. It looks like your heat sink is not installed properly. Your temps should not be in the mid 70's under load.
  25. the heat sink that came with the CPU is smaller then the heat sink that my old core 2 duel came with. I can't fit the old heat sink onto the new motherboard so i am now using the smaller heat sink. So this is a heat problem?
    how is it possible to not installed the heat sink properly? i just make sure it fits into the 4 holes and then i turn the knobs on the side and then plug it in.
  26. The stock heat sink is OK, but not the best. 74c seems nominal to me.
    It is a pain, but the ONLY way to mount the cooler is to do it with the motherboard outside of the case.
    1) The pushpins are hard to get down. If you try to do it with the mobo in the case, you will bend the motherboard and possibly cause other problems. Just put the mobo on a piece of cardboard.
    2) You need to be able to look at the back of the motherboard to be certain that all 4 pins are through and locked.
    That said, your heat sink is probably OK, and the only way to get better temperatures is to use a decent OEM cooler. If CPU-z does not show that the multiplier throttles back, then your CPU is OK.

    Are you certain that you really have a problem? It does not look like cpu or a ram issue to me.

    Is the cpu% display on the keyboard the cpu utilization for one core, or the total of all 8 threads? If it is the latter, then 20% might indicate 100% utilization of two threads which is the most I would expect from most games. Look for something that might be using lots of hard drive activity or other competing resource. A 30 second stall smells like some sort of a software issue to me.
  27. i installed the heat sink with the motherboard outside of the case and i made sure the pins are through and i turned the knobs to lock them.
    the multiplier does not throttle back because i turned off the speed step thing inside bios.

    I think there is a problem, my old core 2 duel never freeze and then come back to life 30 seconds later. The boot time is also very long and installing vista took like 2 hrs. startup takes 1 minute 20 seconds(a lot longer then my core 2 duel) while i read some people could boot in just 20 seconds with the same CPU as i do and only 2 GBS of RAM instead of the 4 GB i have.

    i am running nothing now execpt for this web page, riva tuner, CPU-z, and core temp. CPU usage is at 2% and physical memory is at 46%. This info is from task manager
  28. You didn't read the instructions on how to install your heat sink if you "turned the knobs to lock them" after you pushed the pins into the holes. The instructions say to turn the pins the opposite direction as the arrows THEN push them in until they click. The only time you turn them after they're in the holes is to uninstall them.
  29. ok so after the pins are in the holes, i fliped the motherboard right side up so i can see the knobs then i turned the knobs opposite to the direction the arrows point to.

    i think when you say "turn the pins" it is the same as me saying turn the knobs. when i turned it opposite to the arrows, there was a clicking sound.

    the knobs i am talking about are what the arrows in this picture is pointing at.
  30. I'm telling you that you don't have correct contact pressure if you turned the pins (knobs - call them whatever you like) after you pressed them into the holes. I can see I'm not getting my point across. The way you installed the HSF is not correct. I don't know for a fact that's what is causing your problems, but it certainly isn't helping anything.
  31. i just understood what you meant. i read the manuel again and saw that the knobs should only be turned when uninstalling. But then i realized that after i uninstalled it, i didn't turn the knob opposite to the arrow to reset it. Does this justify me turning it when installing it onto the motherboard?

    i have just found someone who has the problem you think i have, their temps are higher then mine so i dont think i have that problem.
    heres their post
  32. If you have a heat problem, I think the cpu protects itself by lowering the multiplier; regardless if speedstep is activated or not. You are not seeing that, so I conclude that heat is not your problem. With the PC unplugged, try to wiggle the heat sink. It should be firm and not wiggle.

    I think I would do a clean install again. See if you have any issues before you install other programs.
  33. 70c on stock cooler is average under 90-100% load. I dont think the temps are the issue...
  34. heat sink does not wiggle.

    so the only way now is to do a clean install?
  35. tikershi said:
    heat sink does not wiggle.

    so the only way now is to do a clean install?

    After using your heatsink for a couple of minutes touch it and c if it is warm. If it is that means it should be transfering properly. Also try buying some artic silver 5 and using that.
  36. but i want to know if heat is causing the problem, i am not overclocking so i dont see the point in buying another cooler if mine is fine
  37. Artic silver 5 is 10 dollar thermal paste. Since your using your PC so much and your taking and re-seating the cpu cooler, you should try using some after market cooler. be sure to try some new thermal paste. Personally though I dont think it's the heatsink. Take out your cpu and make sure all the pins are touching.
  38. any other ideas?
  39. tikershi said:
    any other ideas?

    What kind of hard drives you got? Maybe that's the bottleneck?
  40. I think the foxconn socket issue is worth checking. Make sure all of the contacts on the CPU are making contact with the socket.
  41. one hard drive is by western digital and the other one is by seagate.

    how do i make sure all the contacts on the CPU make contact with the socket?
  42. Apparently you can tell by looking:

    Who made the drives doesnt tell us anything. What are the model #s? Are they SATA II or old IDE drives?
  43. they are not IDE drives, other then that, i dont know. i will try to find some info on it

    as for the socket issue, i am sure there is no missing parts on the CPU or burnt parts. Does it also help if i say that i had another motherboard before this one with this CPU and it also runned slow.
  44. just get a new cpu then?
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