EK Black Nikel + Silver Coil

My water cooling loop has some old EK black nikel compression fittings in it.

wanting to drop a silver coil in to kill the growth but wondering if its going to cause flaking like the nikel water blocks suffered from.
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  1. The issue is likely more to do with copper sulfide (I believe is the chemical solution) that is present from biocides like Pt Nuke. However, EK is stating that silver coils AND biocides are the 'cause' of their nickel plating corrosion issues, even though other manufacturers aren't having the same issues. This being said, your fittings likely would have minimal contact with the water- the only contact being the inside diameter of the fitting itself. Would this lend itself to flaking/corrosion? Not sure. It would also be difficult to detect as it wouldn't be easily observed outside of your loop unless you noticed particulate matter collecting in your reservoir.

    Try and see? Your call. Not sure how much EK nickel fittings were understanding it was CPU/GPU/MB blocks for the most part, but any of their nickel plated parts might be suspect.
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