SAS Raid Highpoint 2642 to 4x sff-8482 drives

Hello, I need some cable help.

I bought a Highpoint Raid Controller with 2x internal sata (7 pin) ports. I have 4x MBA3147RC drives with sff-8482 connectors. I *think* I am looking for a fanout cable: 1x 7 pin to 4x sff-8482 connectors, but none seems to exist.

Am I looking at this all wrong?

Thank you.
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  1. in order to do what you are suggesting the raid controller must be a SAS card. not a direct sata card. SAS ports can be divided into 2 satas, a single sata can not be turned into 2 sata's. the 8482 is a standard sata cable, they just have the power forged onto one end with the sata cable for convenience.
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