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I just bought a Compaq Presario CQ5210F with the GeForce 6150 SE and would like to know, if I upgrade my 250watt power supply would my sims 3 game play better?
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  1. No. That is an integrated graphics chip. You need a discreet or seperate graphics card to really play any 3d games. You will almost certainly have to upgrade that power supply to add a seperate graphics card though.
  2. Ok ty!!

    If I upgrade the power supply will it help with the game play? I can play the game, it just lags a little and sometimes I can see the color fade or off color.
  3. No. The power supply has no effect on games. The lag is caused by the underpowered 6150SE graphics chip.
  4. Tyvm Anort3!!
  5. Yvw kammysue :)
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