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Hello all,
I just recently tried using a computer that was unused for about 2 months because I moved. There are no beeps when I turn it on and there is no video on the monitor (it stays in low power mode)

Athlon x2 6400
asus mobo m2n-mx se plus
2x1gb ocz memory

I sent the mobo in to asus for RMA and they returned it back saying nothing was wrong. Clearly something is wrong.

This unit had been working fine before I moved.

1) Yes the cpu speaker is plugged in.
2) Yes the 4 pin cpu power is plugged in
3) I've swapped out the CPU (w/ identical from other system)
4) I've swapped out the PSU (w/ identical from other system)


I should hear at least one beep within 2 or 3 seconds when this thing boots up, and then the video should kick in.

P.S. I just noticed that the Power LED is solid green, while the HD LED is flashing green and orange. I have unplugged the SATA connector and it has made no difference in the light flashing.
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  1. So roll back the hardware until you do get a beep.

    For instance, do you get a beep code if you remove all the RAM?

    And list full specs please.

    Are any fans spinning?
  2. Yeah I get beeps if I remove the memory which is typical.
    I don't think it will turn on with the cpu missing, pretty sure I tried before rma'ing the board. There are no other components or specs to list. The cpu fan spins normally.
  3. bump
  4. I would say the problem is the RAM if you get beeps with no RAM installed, but the system won't boot with RAM. Have you tried each stick of RAM by itself in the first RAM slot? Have you gone through all the steps in this checklist?
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