Which CPU should I choose ?

Hey guys,,

I want to choose one of these two CPUs (both are the same price)

AMD Athlon II X4 620
Quad core but low cashe memory and frequency


AMD Phenom II X2 550
High Cashe memory and frequency but Dual core

what is the advantage of multible cores over the high cashe memory (or vice versa) ?

note: my pc usage is mainly for Gaming .

so what do u think ??
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  1. for gameing id suggest more cache with the dual core the Phenom II 550 will defintly fair better in gameing
  2. Best answer
    the Athlon II 620 is better

    it is basically a normal quad core Phenom except with no L3 cache

    with four cores you are more future proof cuz in the next year or so people will start supporting multi threaded apps and games will utilize more cores. you can also OC the 620 and get better results than the 550
  3. athlon II 620, overclocked a little bit to beat the 550...
  4. thank you saaiello, Upendra09 and captvizcenzo for taking the time to help me :)
    we have 1 vote for 550 and 2 for 620
    so I think I'll go with the 620 :bounce:
  5. the 620 is OK but definatly overclock it. the 550 would be fast str8 out the box
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