Which WD Caviar Black Model Number(s) preferred for Gaming Build?

Which WD Caviar "Black" Model Number(s) are the preferred HDD's for Gaming Build?
-- I need some guidance.

After reading about various "gaming builds" on THG, and seeing Western Digital Caviar 'Black' mentioned quite often, I decided to purchase one. However, when I went to Western Digital's web site to look at their list of "500GB WD Caviar Black" drives, I saw they had nearly 20 of them! Although they stated '500GB' on each, the prices on their list included some that were nearly $1,500.00, or more! One of them had its weight listed as 33.3 POUNDS! I have no idea why. The web site offered no descriptions that explained the reason for the huge prices. I'm a real novice at shopping for a new drive.

With too many choices (and, without being able to understand what the heck the differences were between the drives they listed), I came here for some "real" explanations.

I want to buy the "best" model available, as far as quality, speed (seek/access, etc.), dependability, warranty, etc. It can be either a 500GB, 650GB?/750GB?, or 1.5GB.

I'm looking for specific WD MODEL NUMBERS (for the one/s Tom's Hardware builders recommend for gaming), so that I can then read more about the drives, find best low price, etc.
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  1. Where are you buying from, so we can review your available options for purchase?

    I'm actually a bigger support of the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB drive, which can typically be purchase at the same price of the 500GB Blacks with better performance.
  2. Thanks, tecmo34. I normally buy from, but will also buy from I never buy from Amazon!
  3. The Black, Seagate 7200.12 and Spinpoint 7200.12 all do well in certain area w/ no overall winner. Look at these and pick which one does best in your specific applications.,1015.html?prod[2371]=on&prod[3016]=on&prod[2365]=on
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  5. JackYaylorPE... I get nothing at that link except the word "Compare," and a dialog box about HTML, etc. No other info about hard drives. ???
  6. tecmo34 said:
    My recommendation:

    WD Black: (don't worry if your motherboard isn't SATA III capable, as it will run fine on SATA II)

    I'm going to mark this as the 'Best Answer,' even though it isn't what I sought to find originally. Everybody seemed to want to steer me towards buying other brands (their own preferences) instead of the brand I said I wanted. I'm sure the intentions were good, but I tried to make my choice clear in my original topic so that there wouldn't be any side-tracking to the topic.

    I was also hoping to get just a simple 'list' of only the Model Numbers of each size of the WD drives that Tom's Hardware's "Build-Your-Own" contest "recommended." I couldn't find that info. From such a list, I could easily do the shopping without fearing that I bought the wrong Model.

    I went ahead and ordered the Western Digital Caviar "Black" 500GB SATA III 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache Internal Desktop HDD.
    Model Number: WD5002AALX

    Thank you, techmo34, for mentioning what you did about the SATA II/III capability. That's very good to know!

    One of these days soon, I'm hoping to start another topic to ask about an ASUS Motherboard. The MB I need must meet my certain req's. I know which CPU I want, but the specific RAM type is still an open issue for me.

    Thanks again, everyone, for your kind suggestions and advice!
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