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Unfortunetly regardless what any one tells you the Q9650 is not supported in cpu level up in a Asus Maximus 11 formula board, therefore all of the auto and manual features with exception to dram frequency has been frozen at auto. That's the facts of it people so all the garbage of clocking to 400fsb or 500fsb with this cpu on that board is a nonsense. The only bios that releases the q9650 is on bios flashback to 0502 which gives you qx9770 in cpu level up. BUT the cpu temp is 52 degrees with no load. That is beause this board was not supporting that cpu Q9650 EO until 0802. That is it folks for all you dreamers who keep talking people into purchasing the Asus Maximus 11 Formula with the Q9650 CPU. The board is good but with limitations.

I would like this posted please because I have read not only on your site but overclockers that 500 FSB and 440FSB speeds are achievable well it is all a nonsense I own this board with the Q9650 EO so I think I would know

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