Strange behaviour with TP-Link PCI Wireless Card

Hi all,

I recently installed a TP-Link TL-WN350GD 54M Wireless PCI card into my computer so that I could connect to the internet wirelessly. But immediately after installing the card and the software, my computer has done a couple of strange things:

To begin with, some of my games are no longer running as fast as they used to, with significant drops in the frame rate. Other games are working fine.

Secondly, on one occasion, after I shut down my computer and started it back up again the wireless icon disappeared from the system tray, and a new icon appeared with a message stating that a new Ethernet controller had been found and would I like to search for the software.

Turning the computer off and on again usually fixes these problems, but obviously something isn't working correctly.

My graphics card is an nVidia 9800 GT Green Edition. Now, this card doesn't plug into the PSU, it draws power through the motherboard. I am suspicious that the TP-Link card and the graphics card are somehow interfering with each other, but to be honest I know next to nothing about motherboards.

Interestingly, the drop in game performance has affected some top end games (e.g. Modern Warfare 2) but also some low end programs like my commodore 64 emulator!?! While other games like Half-Life are running perfectly.

My Specs:
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor (2.4GHz)
Motherboard came with the computer
Windows XP SP3
PSU Zalmann 600W
nVidia 9800 GT Green Edition
TP-Link TL-WN350GD 54M Wireless PCI

The computer is about 2 and half years old.

I have installed the latest drivers for both my graphics card and my TP-Link card. My wireless connection to the internet is working perfectly with a strong signal. The inside of my computer is very clean, and I have ensured that all of my cards are firmly plugged into the motherboard. Heat doesn't seem to be an issue, my GFX card never gets higher than 60 celsius even when running high end games for extended periods.

Any help or suggestions on what to do would be very much appreciated.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this thread.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. l should add, that I have just removed the Tp-Link card but my graphics problem has not been solved. I am 100% convinced that it was installing either the hardware or software for the TP-Link card that has set off this problem.

    My graphics card is only 1 month old, and has run everything perfectly fine until I installed the TP-Link.
  2. since your graphics card is so new maybe you just didnt notice this behavior until you because suspicious with the wireless issue?

    it could also be an issue with the latest nvidia drivers try some older ones.

    perhaps you have some malware on the computer?

    the generic response would be to format and reinstall windows.

    but thats alot of work.
  3. I've had the graphics card for over a month and its performance has definitely dropped since installing the TP-Link card 2 days ago.

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try an earlier nVidia driver, using 'Malwarebytes Anti-Malware' came up with nothing dirty on the computer.

    I will also try uninstalling the Tp-Link drivers completely, something which the device manger won't let me do, so I may resort to driver sweeper. I've heard that driver sweeper can destroy your system though so I'm reluctant to use it.
  4. Well I'm really confused. I put the card back in and reinstalled the drivers with the installation disk and everything is working again.....fingers crossed it stays that way.
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