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I am not sure this is the right forum, but I have a smooth, fast, clean, trouble-free system running XP with all current updates.

However, I have a Sceptre LCD monitor and a Netgear wireless router whose relationship I don't understand.
When I turn the monitor off with the button on the front of the monitor, the router goes off too.

I have searched everywhere (Netgear, Sceptre, Microsoft, ASUS [motherboard] to figure this out, but am still befuddled.

I know I am short on details, but the router is from a cable modem, and connected to PC via Gigabit Ethernet, and the monitor connected to PC via DVI.

Anyone out there slain a dragon like this one?
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  1. Huh? How in the world could hitting the OFF button on the monitor have ANY relationship to the router? Do you mean the router LITERALLY turns OFF, as in NO POWER, or do you just mean it becomes INACCESSIBLE (running but no connectivity)?

    If you turn the router off, does the monitor then turn off?! LOL
  2. No but when I turn the router off, the prime interest rate goes up a quarter point. LOL

    But seriously, I have no idea. The only halfway logical direction I could ponder is that it has something to do with power management. However, I have set power to always on, and no screensaver. The router does turn off (no power), not just no connection.

    It only happens with the wireless router. If I connect direct to my cable modem, the connection stays live no matter what the state of the monitor.

    I guess I will connect the monitor (or maybe a different monitor) via analog and see what happens.

    ??? :cry:

    Thanks for the input.
  3. Hmm, maybe the monitor is somehow blocking what would otherwise be interference from another wireless router on the same freq (or some other 2.4GHz device, many other devices using this same freq, cordless phones, microwave ovens, radio control equipment, even mice and bluetooth). Maybe the monitor is emitting so much electrical noise to make that possible (I've had cheap monitors screw up my wireless mouse if placed too close together).

    Anyway, that’s my best guess.
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