Quick Comparison of Cases

I'm looking to purchase a case, tonight, to avoid losing out on newegg's discounts.

Currently, my top picks are:

Antec 900 (well-spoken off, no air filters)
Antec 902 (air filters, poor motherboard placement)
CoolerMaster HAF 922 (more USB ports, less reviews)
CoolerMaster HAF 932

I've combo-ed both Antecs with the TruePower-650

... and both CoolerMasters with the SilentPro-700

My question is: Which is best?
A simple answer will suffice, but to anyone with a better psu/case combo for roughly the same cost (including shipping) feel free to post it.

If the other parts I'm considering are a factor in this decision, here's a link to a thread discussing them.

Many thanks for your time, and I would appreciate any responses (I'm running out of time).
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  1. Definitely the HAF 922, but change the combo. I'm not sure exactly which GPU you've chosen, but if it's just a single 4870/5750 as mentioned in that thread then a 500W will be fine.

    OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W
    Combo Price: $149.98
  2. I am going with the HAF 932 when I put my build together, but all reviews I have read say the 932 and 902/1200 are fairly equal
  3. 1 vote 932 (Cades)
    1 vote 922 (build) with different combo

    Thanks for the input, guys.

    Anyone else agree with them?
  4. C'mon folks, I could really use some more opinions.
  5. I'll bump this once more, and then let it die.

    So far, it seems that CoolerMaster seems to be the favorite both this thread, and others.

    ... but which to get?

    Anyone with an opinion, please post it.

    (... and price is not an issue, so long as it's one of these four. If the 932 beats the 922, vote for it.)

    I apologize for taking up your time... again... but I'm buying a case tonight, before newegg cycles into next week.
  6. Best answer
    My favorite is actually this one
    LIAN LI Lancool PC-K62 Black 0.8 mm SECC, Plastic + Mesh ATX Mid Tower
  7. Not bad, but as there's no significant advantage of it over the others (not trying to offend you) that I can see, I'd rather go with something made from steel... and in a slightly larger size.

    Currently, I'm favoring the 932.

    ... but I still have about 3 hours to change my mind... heh.

    Still, thanks for the input.
  8. It actually is steel... Also, I'm not sure if it bothers you but the 932 and 900 are huge. Here's two brief reviews I just found on google

    2nd choice: 902
  9. Apparently, I've been mis-informed... I had thought that newegg stated it was plastic/mesh.

    On an interesting note, I just discovered that the Antec 1200, with a MUCH louder/lower watt psu, costs the same as the 932 with the better psu.

    Any thoughts? Should I switch to favoring the 1200?

    ... and size isn't much of an issue, as this will be pretty much the only thing on my desk.
  10. 0.8 mm SECC = Steel.
  11. Looking over reviews on other sites, it seems that the Haf 932 is superior to the 1200... despite the newegg reviews, which state the opposite.

    ... with only 2 hours left to choose, I'm back to the 932.
    ... unless someone can bring up a good point on the 1200 (Air filters were nice)

    As for the Lian Li, it just doesn't seem mainstream enough for me to feel comfortable with it. Good looking cases, though, I might try one on my next build.
  12. ti1706 said:
    As for the Lian Li, it just doesn't seem mainstream enough for me to feel comfortable with it.

    I respect your opinion, but Lian-Li undoubtedly has THE highest build quality of any case manufacturer and is definitely mainstream.
  13. jbakerlent said:
    0.8 mm SECC = Steel.

    Guess I don't know my acronyms, heh.
  14. jbl91 said:
    I respect your opinion, but Lian-Li undoubtedly has THE highest build quality of any case manufacturer and is definitely mainstream.

    Thanks for the respect.

    I'm looking at the one jbakerlent recommended, and it seems like there's something about it that seems better... unfortunately, being a bit of a novice, I can't figure it out.

    As I understand it, the HAF 932 has:

    better cooling and airflow
    more drive bays
    good cable management (though not necessarily better)
    better options for water-cooling (which I'll probably never use)

    Lian Li's entry has:

    more attractive appearance
    less drive bays
    a more compact and solid feel to the drive bay positioning
    fewer USB ports (an issue with me)
    good cable management (same as above)

    Additionally, the Lian Li doesn't come with free shipping (though I'm a bit worried about it being non-FedEx) which could add somewhere around $50.00... plus the cost of a non-combo psu.

    Keep in mind, that I could be wrong. After all, I've never used either case, so feel free to correct me.
  15. Closing the thread, I'm 20 minutes from purchase... and so far, I'm going with the CM 932.

    Many thanks for the input, guys.

    Best answer goes to jbakerlent for drawing attention to the Lian Li, which looks great... and the brand will be a serious consideration in my next build.
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