Two monitors as one on Windows 7 64 bit ?

Hi, I want to know if there a setting on windows 7 that will make my dual monitors to one big desktop.


ATI 4890 x-fire
9.10 driver/CCC
Windows 7 64bit
x38 motherboard PCI-E 2.0
ACER 22" 1680x1050
Samsung SyncMaster 2343BWX 2048x1152

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  1. Control Panel --> Hardware and Sound --> Display --> Adjust Resolution -->Multiple Displays drop down box --> Choose "Extend These Displays"

    Or you can extend the displays in the ATI Control Panel as well. (I chose the Windows control panel though)

    Good Luck!
  2. But I can't play game with 2 screen. I want to play game on 3360x2100 res.

    heres a screenshot of the display settings

    and heres what I mean by two monitors as one on

    as u can see the wallpaper are linked together.

  3. you cant play games using only the windows extended mode.

    the only other way is to use something called tripplehead2go or get an hd 5000 series card form ati in order to span the game across multiple screens.
  4. Awww thanks mate.
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