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i got system newly assembled and this is my system configuration - AMD Athlon (tm)II X2 250 processor 3.01 Ghz, 2gb Ram. since 2 days my motherboard producing a continous beep sound,but my system is working fine. the sound is irritating baddl, plz tel me wat to do????????
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  1. It's hard to say what the continuous beep is without knowing your motherboard. Each board uses a different BIOS and each BIOS (Phoenix, Award, etc..) has different beep codes for different conditions. That said, usually when I've encountered a continuous beep it's because the memory isn't in tight, the memory is faulty, or the graphics card isn't seated correctly. Go to the motherboard's website, find out what kind of BIOS you have, then google that BIOS's beep codes (like "award bios beep codes") and you'll usually get a nice list. This is a site I usually refer to:

    Of course, the only one listed on here with a continuous long beep is an IBM board and I'm quite confident you don't have one of those, so I'd check the memory and graphics card first.
  2. I got a continuous beep with an ASRock motherboard when I had a PCI card inserted. When I let it boot up it stopped but yes it was annoying. Do you have any PCI cards inserted? If so, take them out and try again.
  3. Over temp/fan speed warning. Check all your BIOS settings for CPU heat, Case heat, etc. Make sure they are not set too low. Check to make sure all your case fans that are plugged into the board, are plugged into the correct place, especially the CPU fan. If they are okay, find out what is getting too hot and why.
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