Water cooling graphics card with Corsair H50?

I originally had an Asetek 550lc (which is the same as a Corsair H70) attached to my cpu for cooling. I recently upgraded my cpu cooler to an Asetek LCLC (the same as a Corsair H100) and was wondering if there was any way I could attach the old 550lc to my graphics card to cool it. I have a radeon 4890 with only the stock fan on it now. I cant cut up the 510lc to attach it to a water block because the pump is located in the heatsink itself. Let me know if you think its possible in any way. Thank you very much, Russell.
Here is the links to the equipment mentioned
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  1. 1| doing so will void warranty
    2| you won't see amazing temps
    3| its just for the heck of a mod
    4| too much hassle fastening the H50 to the GPU
    5| sell it off or use in another system
    6| if you do mod, you'll need another space for the rad to go
    7| if you want to combine both the H100+H50's plate+ pump units, your temps won't be erm good.

    8| the 4890 is one mean card for dumping heat...be advised.
  2. What exactly do you mean by the 4890 is one mean card for dumping heat? I have the room for another radiator, but what I am short on is money. I wouldnt be expecting amazing gains and I dont have a warranty. Also what do you mean by combining the h100 and 50s plates and pumps?
  3. 4890 has a TDP of 190 watts or so...not extreme, but no slouch, either.
  4. i did this to my H50

    purely for modding purposes. I'm going full water cos of the temps and ditching the H50

    and i saw in a thread that you can attach the H50 - the guy who did it, got it on a GTX 550Ti - i think but its still alot of hassle.

    when i mean a hot card i'm talking about TDP. But it seems you're not doing this for getting better temps, only to spend your time. Yeah you could...you'll find out that the card+the cooler will take up more than 2 slots of space.

    The pump and cooling plate/contact is located inside the pump chamber that goes on the cpu.

    Rubix - beat me to the 4890's TDP :)


  5. I havnt decided what I want to do with my tv tuner but I really want to crossfire a 2nd 4890 but Im worried about the heat. I plan to use a pci riser and move the 2nd vga a couple inches down but they will still get really hot.
  6. i just saw your memb config.

    1st big ques: how are you using two sets of triple channel mem?
    ram use 101 - never mix+match 2 brands/timings/dimms always go for kits - in your case - 6 dimms of the same thing or two exact kits of the same brand.

    now, 4890 crossfire...? now? with all this new tech around available?

    my advise is no point doing anything.
    new advice - pick up some newer cooler running cards instead of running a microwave. Also use the H50 somewhere else, like an old build only for cpu. Its a good cooler, shame to waste it on a GPU.
  7. I second that Lutfij... Lose the 4890 an get you a 6950 or 6970 and go with 6 matching mem modules or 3 matched either way Mix and Match RAM does more BAD than good
  8. yeah, that i7+crossfire/sli would decimate anything thrown at it now :) (ok not anything) :lol:

    @ OP - and if you're worried about heat, might want to look into a full on WC project... :/. Identical cases too.
  9. I do have mix matched ram but that is due to a shortage of money which I plan to buy before the graphics card. Ill then have 12gb corsair dominator. I want to get a 5970 but until I get the money I will have to make due with a crossfire 4890. 1 4890 is about 75 or less or a new graphics card for 300 plus.... I know there are better ways to do things but thats not what Im asking. Im asking how to do it with what I have a hundred bucks, some spare parts and some decent mechanical/electronic skills.
  10. If you had the H60 it would be a better fit for the card as it is a lower profile pump, The H50 is crazy tall...Just getting back to the original query
  11. Personally, OP is probably better off pulling the stock GPU cooler, replacing all thermal paste with something decent and reapplying the stock cooler. You might see 3-5C lower temps just from doing this...I know I have when I've done builds for other people.

    Of course, case airflow is key for any air cooling option to work as designed.
  12. I've posted a few links on how they did it, all from a simple google search ;/
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