Wd hard drive not detected via sata

So now I am lost...:heink:

I have a sata wd blue. when I plug it in via a sata cable it does not read. This is the same cable that I plug my dvd drive in with and it works just fine. Now here is the odd part. If I use my ide adapter it works just fine. It is used as a secondary (now) so I dont boot with it. Its not that big of a deal but it is really annoying. anyone have any suggestions?
system specs are:
MSI nf980-g65
phenomiix4 955 @3.7
8gigs ddr3 ram
1000 watt esa psu
windows 7 64bit
2x gtx275 in sli
asus u3s6- <--- the secondary hdd is not plugged into this, just the motherboard
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  1. Try limiting the SATA interface speed to 1.5Gbps using the drive's OPT1 jumper.

    Jumper Settings for WD SATA and EIDE Hard Drives:

    It could be that the SATA controller on your IDE adapter is able to autonegotiate a SATA connection, but the motherboard's SATA controller may not be able to.
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