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I'm interested in putting together a water cooling system for my current PC build. I have never built one before and I feel that I will be needing one now since i'm upgrading my pc this week. Here is the list of parts that I have currently. I have been looking at EK Waterblocks but I really don't have a clue on what to do. Thank you again for the help I do appreciate it.

I7 3960X
Rampage Extreme IV
3x XFX 7970 (Donated)
16GB Vengeance 1600
1 SSD 256
Corsair CMPSU-1200AX
Hav 932 Case
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  1. First step is to spend a few days just reading through as many links (and links to links) in the watercooling sticky listed in my signature below.

    Welcome to the watercooling forum.
  2. I wish somebody just "donated" 3 7970s to me...
  3. As long as they didn't 'fall off the back of a truck' too.

    Serial numbers or any unique IDs have the ability to be tracked... :)
  4. LOL one of my good friends donated the cards to me since he is getting deployed March 5th.
  5. Does he have anything he wants to donate to me? :)
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