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Hi Guys,
I am in the process of purchasing some upgrade components for my desktop computer and need advice. I realise the questions I am about to ask have probably been asked a lot before but I have been unable to find existing posts that match my budget/requirements.

I am not a total newb to computers but I have been overwhelmed by the different options available at the stores. I am currently using a Pentium D with 2Gb ram which I have had for a while now and really is starting to drag with my requirements. Here is my info and budget for the upgrade:

1. I edit and composit video with adobe premiere and after effects and would like a machine that deals well with HD material.

2. I have decided that I will upgrade the motherboard, ram and processor.(I will use my current video card although possibly upgrade when money allows)

3. My budget for the three components is NZ$850 which works out about US$610.

4. I would like future upgrades to be possible.

I hope I have provided enough info, please let me know if I haven't. Any thoughts on what my best option is will be greatly appreciated. I have read up lots on the i7, Xeon, dual core, quad core etc but don't really feel any better about making a decision for myself.

Kind Regards
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  1. Newegg has the Intel i5 750 quad core with biostar p55 chipset board for $305. For ram, corsair, crucial, kingston, pny, or pqi ddr3 in 1333 or 1600 will work fine. Ram prices keep rising. Last I checked it was about $120 for 2x2gb kits. If warranty for asus or a particular brand is covered by your vender, then you can use whatever you like. I use msi or biostar.
  2. Thanks, I am in New Zealand so newegg isn't a option but I will look around our sites. Would you recomend the i5 750? What is the most important components for video editing/copositing? Cheers for your advice.
  3. If you want to go with the i7 920 and x58 board, it can't hurt. But the 750 may be a better bang for the buck system; if you can save $200 over the i7 combo, then you might be able to afford 8 gb of ddr3.
  4. Great thanks for the good info.
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